Baja, Mexico July 2019

In July 2019, I decide to put a trip together down to a remote part of the Baja peninsula in order to harvest grouper and yellowtail at my wife's request. So I found two motivated spearos who were just as adventurous. Matt Hoang and Jon Stenstrom met at my home in San Diego, California at 3:30 in the morning before starting the 14 hour journey south. We arrived before nightfall and got a general lay of the land. The next day, we got up at 6:00 in the morning to meet our captain at the boat ramp. The ride to the fishing grounds was fairly quick.  Upon jumping in the water we figured out very quickly there was no shortage of fish. The volume and variety of fish was absolutely insane. So we harvested a few select fish the first day after checking out the different dive locations. Once we arrived back at the beach, our guide, Tomas, offered to clean and cook the fish that night. We agreed, and we were glad we did. The food was epic! Day 2, we headed out with one goal in mind; To harvest enough fish for the next few months. And we did just that!  Check out the video for proof!