Bahia De Los Angeles 

Baja, Mexico August 2020

 Due to recent COVID closesures, our usual Baja summer spearfishing trips looked like they were not going to happen this year. But Jon from Cast and Spear, Chase from Liquid Soul Ind, Cody and myself decided to take a chance. Bay of LA was the destination, and it didn't disappoint!
There were several goals on this trip. 
1. To actually get through the check points without getting turned around at the border.
2. To introduce Baja, Mexico to Cody and Chase for the first time.
3. To gather as much food, "Grouper" as possible in order to stock up until next year.
As we started across the border, I wasn't even sure if we were going to be let into Mexico because of the two person max per car rule. After a quick $50 dollar deposit into the right person's pocket, we were let into the country.
 We arrived in BOLA and were presently welcomed by beautiful conditions, 80 degree water temperature and 100 degree air temperature. We quickly got our gear in order and talked about how we want to try an approach this weekend's diving. Rather than doing our usual first day of mellow diving and testing our gear before the long trip out to the outer islands, we saw that we had the best conditions on the first day. So we met the panga captain at 0600 and went 30 miles off shore to try some new places for us. 
After going through some rough sea-state and breaking some of our gear along the way, Jon and Cody were the first ones to shoot some solid grouper. As the day progressed, we began to adjust our hunting techniques for this area. One thing we saw was that rather than sticking with traditional drop and wait technique, we realized that as we dropped to the bottom the grouper would stare at us from about 5' up. We started to slowly drop to about 15' off the bottom and quickly scan for fish, then slowly drift towards the fish for the shot.  Once we establish this slow version of a dive bomb technique, it was ON! The only problem we ran into was that the water temperature was so high, 83 degrees, that most of the bigger fish were in deeper down in the water column.
After three days of harvesting fish it was time to head home with about 200 pounds of fillets. We enjoyed this trip so much that we are already planning the next trip this winter with cooler water.