Baja, Mexico September 2019            

If I had to use one word to describe this trip, it would be EPIC! Three of us got our personal best yellowtails with one weighing over 40 pounds. The other two divers, Vlad and Dan, who were new to spearfishing, manage to shoot multiple fish including solid size yellowtails. 
After we got our stuff loaded into the van, we drove the 14 hours through some absolute beautiful parts of Baja, Mexico. We arrived just before dark, unloaded the gear and began to prepare for the next day. 
The wind was up so we decide that the best thing to do would be to stay local and get our gear dialed in before we even attempted to travel far offshore. Upon first jumping, we knew that this was going to be a special trip. I was immediately surrounded by the usual school of 15-18 pound yellowtail. Having been here before, we knew that there were giants around here. So our plain was to hold off until we see larger fish.
As the first day progressed we saw lots of fish like the first time we were here, but nothing really big came by until the afternoon. I was swimming far out to check out a new spot when Darren yelled from the boat, "Hey, Bret!" He held up a absolute beast of a yellowtail weighting over 40 pounds. I was inspired. Now, I knew that big fish were there. I did one drop to the bottom where I immediately get schooled by 20 pound yellowtails, but I was ignoring them just waiting for bigger grade fish. Then, I see a larger fish off in the distance and take a shot. Nailed it! I landed the fish, but not before it knocked my camera off my head. Once we got back we weighted the fish, and Jon, Darren, and myself all got our personal best.