San Quintin Baja, Mexico December 2019

        Right before Christmas, Paul Rodriguez from Hot Rod Spearguns with his brother Mike and I made the trip down to San Quintin, Baja. It was a tough one.. We headed down due to the recent showing of wintertime yellowtail going off a couple days before. Diving visibility was about 20’ offshore on the high spots with solid 6’ swell. Tons of bait fish and a few scattered yellowtail. The yellowtail were super skittish which was really funny considering they are yellowtail, not tuna.
       After striking out on the hight spots, we decided to try our luck at San Martin Island nearby. Besides a couple of grouper sights, it was pretty much the same situation just with some of the biggest Opaleye fish I have ever seen. Paul managed to shoot a 10# yellowtail and few decent calico bass. The conditions began to deteriorate so we ended the day bottom fishing some deep spots with Captain George from K&M sportfishing. The bottom fish was insane! Massive lingcod and no shortage of rockfish.
        The real highlight of the trip for me was when I got the chance to fire one of Paul's hybrid spearguns. Smooth is the only word that comes to mind. I shot the 3 band speargun with one hand, and hit exactly where I was aiming with minimum recoil. Smooth is the one word that comes to mind.