Recorded 12/18/20

EP025: Brandon Zeek from Focus Freediving
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Episode 025:  Brandon Zeek from Focus Freediving 

On this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Brandon Zeek from and we discuss one of the recent challenges he has encountered due to having a squeeze on a 60m dive. As we continue, we get into great detail the ends and outs of squeezes, and ways to prevent them. Another topic covered is the differences between freediving and spearfishing, and the ways they complement each other. Last, We also talk about his experiences working with the Diving for a Cause organization where he Colleen Gallagher and Terry Maas traveled together to help local people in New Zealand and in Panama. While in New Zealand, Brandon was lucky enough to land a 74 pound kingfish. Brandon is a great diver and a very knowledgable instructor. If you are thinking about taking a class in Southern California area, you can reach Brandon on Instagram at @depthzeeker or online at




Introduction to Spearfishing/Freediving



How has weightlifting helped or hindered your diving



Brandon’s recent squeeze & the advantage “packing” 



Different types of squeezes & how to prevent



Spearfishing vs Freediving 



Just Get Wet Meetups



Most Memorable fish (74 pound Kingfish & Dogtooth Snapper)



Diving for a Cause Trips






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