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Recorded 05/13/20

EP013: Carlos Suarez Cuban Diver & Game Developer
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Episode 013:  Carlos Suarez Cuban Spearo & Game Developer 

In this episode I speak with Carlos Suarez. He is the creator of the Freedive Hunter Spearfishing game. He is also originally from Cuba where he learn to spearfish. We discuss his early days of diving in Cuba as well as the equipment and techniques they used there. Some of these techniques I have never heard of such as tying a rope to a diver then pulling them up once they reached half way up from ascending on dives over 100’ in order to save oxygen. Most importantly, Carlos shares with me his main reason for creating spearfishing video games which is due to his inability to dive due to a medical condition. His passion and love for fish, especially Trigger fish is all reflected in the game. Every aspect of the game has special meaning behind it and you can hear it in his voice with he speaks with me. It was great to speak with Carlos and I am really excited to share his story with you!



Website: (here there are links to buy the game on the App Store, Google Play and Xbox)

Facebook: Freediving Hunter or @SpearfishingGames

Instagram and Twitter: @Strongbox3d

YouTube: Freediving Hunter: Spearfishing the World




Equipment used in Cuba 


Targeted Species


Dreaming about Diving and his blackout


Rigging gear and techniques in Cuba


Passion and Reason Why He created the Freedive Hunter Video Game and why Trigger fish are special to Carlos.


Most Memorable Fish


Shark Stories







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