Recorded 03/27/20

EP010: Chris Okamoto, Marine Biologist & Veteran Spearo
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Episode 010:  Chris Okamoto, Marine Biologist & Veteran Spearo


On this episode of Spearfactor today’s guest is Chris Okamoto. He is a marine biologist who works at Cabrillo Marine aquarium in San Pedro and he’s also one of the founders of . The idea behind his form is to have a ethical and professional learning environment where veterans and beginners alike can share information. There’s a ton of information on Seabass, both Black and White, and crazy stories with great white sharks so I hope you enjoy!

Find Chris on Youtube and Instagram @oakpwr  


For more information on Cabrillo Marine Aquarium visit their Website at


Topics Include:


Intro and background



Top Experiences Diving



Marine Biology and how it benefits your spearfishing



Hunting White Sea Bass gear and tips



Great White Shark Stories



Spearfishing Goals



Trips, Past and future



Black Sea Bass Project



Conservation Topics, Biologist & Divers



Why we don’t buy fish


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