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EP003: Legendary Watermen Colin Smith
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Legendary Waterman Colin Smith


In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with legendary waterman and family man, Colin Smith. Colin was a former professional surfer from San Diego with deep family roots in the ocean. He began spearfishing at the age of 22 when a knee injury sidelined his surfing career. He quickly turned a negative into a positive, and began developing his diving skills until he was both a world class diver and surfer. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Colin, and discuss his experiences both in and out of the water.


We discuss everything from his early days of professional surfing and how he got started spearfishing as well as having a mindset to give you an edge in life through he and his wife, Kerry, Awakening Trainings.  Checkout the training at


The podcast begins discussing the early years in 1990s, we he was just getting into spearfishing. We talk about diving throughout the West Coast including Baja and Southern California as well as spearfishing equipment and guns that we prefer. We also talk about why we spearfish and how the industry has changed over the years as well as the environment. During this time, we both have seen changes in our local spots, so we discuss possible causes and solutions to the problems. 


Colin shares some crazy stories from surfing and diving in Western Australia where he encounters lively wildlife including large Tiger Sharks. I asked him what was his thought process while he was jumping in on bait balls and dropping in on dry reefs in remote parts of Australia. This led us into discussing the power of the right mindset when doing difficult things. Not having the right mindset can cause you to hesitant in difficult situations which can lead to even worse situations. 


Colin and Kerry, now specialize in providing specific training called Awakening Trainings, focused on unlocking your true potential making you more productive, confident and happy in all aspects of your life.  

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