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Recorded 09/20/20

EP019: Dave Gleeson Oceanographer & Rhode Island Diver
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Episode 019: Dave Gleeson Rhode Island Diver  

In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Dave Gleeson. Dave got his start spearfishing in the Islands around Rhode Island. He shares with us some of the things he has learned by hunting this waters such as insights to find better visibility, the change in seasons, conditions and what gear to use. We also discuss why the sport of spearfishing has grown so much in the past few years in the Northeast of the country, and world wide. 

The podcast takes a turn when Dave shares his story about shallow water blackout while training in Hawaii. We talk about why it happened and the benefits to taking a free dive class. Thank you Dave for sharing your experiences with us all!!!


Check out his photography and Instagram at



Dave’s Dive Shop:

New England Freedive Spearfishing Co.




Background  and Diving in Rhone Island



Finding Good Visibility



Spearfishing Popularity 



Diving vs Fishing



Gear for RI



Stories and Traveling 



Shallow Water Blackout and Freediving



Future Trips (Azores, California, Alaska)



Seasonal Changes in Rhode Island 



How Your Education has Helped You



Dave’s Photography and Closing




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