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Recorded 2/20/21

EP027: Part 2 with Ted Harty, Buddy diving in poor visibility
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Episode 027:  Part 2 W/ Ted Harty, Buddy Diving in Poor Visibility

Ted Harty, Freediving Champion and World Class Instructor and I discuss using the buddy system in poor visibility for White Sea Bass here in California. 

This is part 2 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. Diving and poor visibility is the sad reality for quite a few of us divers. However, there are ways to mitigate the risk of spearfishing in these conditions while at the same time making the experience more productive, and enjoyable.

Rule #1: The first rule to spearfishing in these conditions where 5’ or 1.5m is considered “good” is to streamline your gear.

Rule #2: Have a good dive buddy.

Rule #3: Communication is key. Tell your buddy what you are intending to do and how long you plan on being down. A good example of this would be telling your buddy that you plan to dive down the anchor line, then kick straight out about ten feet. The entire dive should take about 1:30 tops. Another tip is that both divers should keep their spearguns point away from any potential divers resurfacing. The buddy who is spotting keep your gun either straight out or straight up so the diver returning to the surface does not swim up straight into the speargun’s shaft. Likewise, with the diver returning to the surface needs to keep their speargun pointed down towards the bottom so they do not poke their buddy upon surfacing.

Last, we cover the techniques that I use while hunting. I discuss in great detail how I use the buddy system while hunting for White Sea Bass.

On Ted’s websites, he offers several freediving courses covering everything from equalization to a 28-day Freediving Transformation. There’s even a few of these course for free.


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