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EP009: Dr. Cyrus Torchinsky, Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists
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Dr. Cyrus Torchinsky, MD; Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists


In the episode of SpearFactor, I speak with ear, nose, and throat Doctor Cyrus Torchinsky. Dr. Torchinsky currently practices medicine and lives in San Diego, California.  He is originally from Santa Cruz, California and attended UC San Diego Medical School, then traveled to Boston, Mass. for his speciality training as an ENT doctor. Dr Torchinsky shares his knowledge about various topics including common issues that both surfers and divers battle with over the years. This episode has a ton of excellent information that will help a lot of us. It was an absolute pressure to have him on the show.


Topics Include:


1. Coronavirus



2. Top issues and how to fix them



3. Infections and What happens when it rains



4. Swimmer’s Ear/Fungal Infections and treatment


5. When to seek out at Doctor for treatment


6. Do's and Don’ts


7. Craziest thing you’ve seen


8. Best conditions for beginner surfers


9. Eustachian tubes Issues and new treatment


10. Ringing in your ear. Reasons and treatment


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