Recorded 12/2/20

EP022: Kristina Chang, Diver & Food Connoiseur
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Episode 022: Kristina Chang, Diver & Food Connoisseur

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with San Diego diver and fellow San Diego Freedivers member, Kristina Chang. We discuss how she went from surfing up in the bay area to diving down here in San Diego. We also discuss her ridiculously delicious looking dishes that she makes with her catches. She is quite the culinary connoisseur. We specifically talk about dry aging fish and where her inspiration comes for dishes. Furthermore we discuss some of her future goals for trips and fish to land. Enjoy


Awesome Fish Tikka Masala Recipe


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Background and Beginning Diving 



First Bluefin Tuna 



Dealing Ear Issues



Surf Trip to El Salvador



Cooking Amazing Fish



Lobster Diving at Night



Traveling & Food Recipes



How surfing compliments diving






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