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Recorded 07/24/20

EP016: Allen Yangco & Brian Fern from Longfins Spearfishing
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Episode 016: Allen Yangco & Brian Fern, Longfins Spearfishing  

In this episode, I speak with Brian Fern and Allen Yangco from Longfins Spearfishing. These two gentlemen truly define what the term giving back to the community means. Longfins originally started out as a online diving store that Allen started, but it failed. This failure didn’t discourage Allen from continuing on with the Longfins brand. He felt that the failure was a blessing in disguised. After seeing many of the divers in their area not diving safely as well as several diving related deaths including 4 of Allen’s friends, he and his friend, Brian Fern, decided to continue with Longfins by holding spearfishing seminars for the youth of Kauai. The goal was to share their over 50 years of knowledge and experience with the kids of Kauai to teach them how to ethically hunt and safely dive for fish. The seminar is free and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

During the show, the boys share numerous stories of bad and good dive buddies, sharks, recovering fish from caves, and ethnical fish hunting. Allen shares a story about when he was diving near a bay with monk seals when a huge tiger shark came at him. Allen did not see the shark but his buddy quickly intercepted it and saved Allen from an attack. Additionally, Brian shares a story about when the current picked up so bad on the reef that he and Allen had to shoot their shafts into the reef in order to avoid getting swept out to sea. 

This episode is full of tips to make you a better and safer diver. If you would be interested in attending the seminar or want to put a one yourself in your local area, feel free to contact the boys at @long_fins on IG.

Brian Fern

Allen Yangco @aloha_spear_it




Introduction and Longfins the brand



Ethical Spearfishing



How to dive safe



Spearfishing seminar for Youth



Diving for GT/Ulua



Build the community with kids for safety



Diving with sharks and stories



Goals for Longfins



Real life situations & Safety tips (recovering fish, weighting tips, currents)



More details about the spearfishing seminar



Closing & Contact information




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