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Recorded 04/18/20

EP012: Mark Healey World Class Diver & Big Wave Surfer
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Episode 012:  Mark Healey World Class Diver & Big Wave Surfer

Welcome to episode #12 of the SpearFactor podcast with special guest Mr. Mark Healey. Mark is a world class spearfisherman, and one of the top big wave surfers in the world. If you don’t believe me just google it! During the podcast, we discuss the surf and dive industries, conservation, why we spearfish, diving at Guadalupe Island with white sharks, and much more.


Mark is originally from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. On the North Shore is where his dad first introduced him to the ocean at a young age. His love for the ocean grew very organically as his life progressed as well as his abilities in the water. Surfing in the winter, and diving during the summer was his usually routine and it did not take long before Mark was well known for his abilities and confidence in the water. At the age of 17, he turned pro at surfing which would send him traveling, surfing, diving, and make connections with watermen throughout the world. His friends and traveling throughout the world would help his knowledge of the ocean grow, and along with that growth so would his love for the ocean and conserving it for the future. Mark is very involved in his local community where he supports the Na Kama Kai, Hawaii Jr. Lifeguards, and Sustainable Coastlines organizations to help better Hawaii as a whole.


Nonprofit organizations that Mark supports.




Mark now has his own company where he links clients up with unique experiences centered around the ocean activities throughout the world. In addition to this company, Mark also starting a YouTube channel called Strike Missions with Mark Healey coming out very soon.


The main thing that I feel is really special about Mark is that he centers his life around living a sustainably. He truly practices what he preaches, and shares those ideas with everyone.



Intro and background



Balancing Life Between Family & Sport



Main Projects Currently



Differences in the Diving/Surfing Industries/Cultures



Spearfishing Gear



Tahitian Freediving Culture



Know Your History in order to Progress



Roller Spearguns



Diving at Guadalupe Island with White Sharks



How Traveling, Conservation, & Education Mix



Diving Tips (Stretching, Diet, & Yoga)



Future Plans



Closing Statements




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