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Recorded 05/28/20

EP014: Paul Rodriguez Hot Rod Spearguns & Tuna Slayer
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Episode 014:  Paul Rodriguez From Hot Rod Spearguns  

In this episode, I speak with Paul Rodriguez from Hot Rod Spearguns. While Paul is a sponsor for the show, he truly is one hell of a spearfisherman and speargun builder. During the show we spend a lot of time talking about the right speargun for the right conditions, and his new hybrid travel speargun. I am really excited to share Paul’s travel speargun with you all because I believe it will change the spearfishing community as a whole. The speargun itself breaks down smaller than a set of dive fins, making traveling with your equipment easier than ever. The shaft is a Mori 8mm shaft that breaks down as well. I have personally tested this speargun in Baja, and at home here in Southern California. I’ve even done some pool testing with it as well.  The motivation of this travel gun comes from all of Paul’s travels where the ability to pack light was a necessity. Additionally, we discuss how important it is to travel in order to become a better all round diver and hunter across all species of fish.

Lastly, Paul and I discuss spearfishing for big Dogtooth Tuna over 100 pounds. He shares some of his insane stories about determined fish ripping themselves in half in order to escape from his shaft. 

This episode was fun to make and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!



Instagram: @hotrodspearguns







Why use a pole spear



Spearguns Choices



Hybrid Travel Speargun Development and more..



Current situation, future travel and why traveling is so important to become better.



Favorite Fish to hunt, Dogtooth Tuna Stories



Dogtooth Tuna Tips



Collision with whale


Sponsors for this podcast included:


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Los Bigotes Apparel

Hotrod Spearguns 

Akaso Cameras Promo: akaction10

OneDrop Spearfishing

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