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Finding Fish: Water Temperature

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

As I mentioned before on my podcast, animal behavior is completely dictated by the motivation of species survival. Survival requires the fish’s ability to breed, feed, and find shelter for protection. Water temperature plays a major role and all three of these survival needs. Most fish are cold-blooded animals that rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. When water temperatures rise or fall too much, fish become less active and less likely to feed.

It is important to understand what water temperature your targeted spieces prefers. Remember the desired water temperature will vary from species to species. Why do fish have desired water temperatures? Different water temperatures carry certain chemical characteristics. Warmer water has less oxygen while colder water has more oxygen. This does not mean that the colder the water the better for fishing. Colder temperature can slow a fishes metabolism while warmer water can speed it up. A higher metabolism rate will cause a fish to want to eat more and gain weight. This will signal its body to be physically ready to spawn. Understanding what triggers this drive to feed, and the affects it has on a fish will help you select when and where to fish.

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