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EP004: Robert Paine from Kimera Spearfishing
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Robert Paine For Kimera Spearfishing 


In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with Robert Paine, the co-owner of the Kimera Spearfishing. He and his brother-in-law have invented the side slip system, a spearfishing tip that replaces the standard flopper giving you the benefits of a slip tip without the issues involved. I spoke to him about the process of starting a company and how the Kimera Sideslip system evolved into what it is currently today. We also discuss the future of the Kimera Sideslip system and where it is headed. Robert shares with me the plans for a Bluewater edition where everything within the system is "beefed up" for maximum strength. As we continue through the podcasts we talk about some modifications and challenges they came across in order to turn the great idea into a tangible product. Robert and I discuss some pros and cons to modern spearfishing equipment, and how the Kimera Sideslip helps to eliminate some of those issues. Checkout the Kimera Sideslip System at


The podcast begins discussing the recent spearfishing death of Ryan Huff. Ryan died this month while lobster diving. It is believed that he got entangled in his equipment while diving. We talk about some lessons learned over the years in hopes of preventing this from happening again. 

Tips to Prevent Tangling or Snags

1. Strap your knife to the inside of your calf, not the outside.

2. If possible minimize the amount of stuff you are carrying.

3. If your dive knife is on your belt, put it on the opposite side that your floatline trails. 

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