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Recorded 09/20/20

EP020: Ryan Huff's Widow, Diane
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Episode 020: Diane Huff, Widow Determined to Saves Lives

OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson, Jon Stenstrom from Cast & Spear and I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Huff’s widow, Diane this week. She has pledged to help saves lives through her fund the OC Spearos’ Ryan Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund and the fund is taking donations!  Applications to earn your scholarship for freedive education and certification will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Please give to help fund this initiative.

To learn about Ryan Huff's life, how you can get a free certification course if you qualify, and lobster diving tips to stay safe during the lobster opener.

For more details:

1:28 - Ryan Huff's intro into spearfishing


3:00 - How Ryan Huff passed away


5:45 - Diane's mission to keep Ryan's memory alive


8:45 - OC Spearo's goal to push spearfishing safety


11:00 - Raising $5000 for the Ryan Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund


16:40 - How to join the OC Spearos


17:00 - Why even seasoned spearos could benefit from a freediving course


24:44 - Common misconceptions of freediving courses


31:44 - Lobster diving safety tips




1. Charity Fund:


2. Charity shirts:


3. OC Spearo Fund announcement:


4. Join the OC Spearos:


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