Recorded 08/20/20

EP017: Nick Watkins from Spearchannel
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Episode 017: Nick Watkins from Spearchannel  

In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Nick Watkins from Spearchannel. Nick shares with us how his brand, Spearchannel, began, where he wants to take it, and how he plans to achieve success with it. He also shares with us some of his struggles as the brand develops and attempts to reach future goals. Additionally, we discuss his own beginnings in to spearfishing while growing up in south Florida. Nick shares with us his recent travels to Panama and Bahamas, and some of the shenanigans that occurred while on these trips hunting Yellowfin tuna. I hope you enjoy!

Contact Nick:


FB@Spearchannel Group




Introduction Spearchannel the brand



Issues with developing Spearchannel



Monetizing and the direction of Spearchannel 



Next step for Spearchannel 



How Nick got started



Types of fish and conditions where he lives in Florida 



Diving with sharks and stories



Trips to Bahamas & Panama, lost fish stories



Hunting Yellowfin



Team Trips 



How to Progress in Spearfishing



Best way to have Snapper



Closing & Contact Information 



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