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Recorded 12/18/20

EP023: Ted Harty Champion Freediver & Instructor
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Episode 023: Ted Harty, Champion Freediver

This is part 1 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. If you don’t know who Ted Harty is, you should. Seriously! Ted started out as a scuba Instructor in 2005 before discovering the sport of freediving a few years later. Early on in his instructing career Ted was fortunate to meet and be mentored by Kirk and Mandy Krack of Performance Freediving. From there, Ted became a competitive freediver and an a freedive Instructor. During this time, Ted  accomplished an impressive list of accomplishments. 


• 1st place finish PFI Competition Breathless 2009

• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2011

• Broke longest standing USA Freediving record during 2011 Freediving World Championships in Italy, with a Dynamic Apnea swim of 170m

• Selected to be Captain of the 2012 USA Freediving Team during World Championships

• Constant weight dive of 85m (279ft) in 2012

• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2014


Ted and Kirk shared the same passion for freediving safety being the number one goal in our sport. When Ted first started Instructing there were only a few instructors around the world. This led to many students, many days, and many lessons learned in the water. Because of this, Ted has wealth of knowledge from instructing students from all different kinds of backgrounds. He shares these experiences  with us all through numerous media outlets including podcast, tv shows, and his websites. On Ted’s websites, he offers several freediving courses covering everything from equalization to a 28-day Freediving Transformation. There’s even a few of these course for free. CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITES AND SIGN UP FOR A FREE ONLINE CLASS!!!!!


Immersion Freediving

Freediving Safety

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You can also reach Ted through social media at:

IG @immersionfd

FB Ted Harty or Immersion Freediving




General Safety for Diving 



Freediving Safety Website



Ted’s Goal for



How to dive safely in poor visibility



Easy way to use the buddy system



The Myth of “I know my limits”



Proper buoyancy and the role it plays in diving



Transitioning from SCUBA to freediving



28 Day Freedive Transformation Program



Mammalian Dive Reflex 







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