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These fish are a type of Perch like, and appear to be greenish, olive, or gray in color with one or two white spots located just below the dorsal fin. They are usually around 12" in length with the largest fish reaching 24" and over 10 pounds.


Throughout the Eastern Pacific coast from Oregon border to Southern tip of Baja, Mexico. These fish are not shy. They will come right up to you if you are calm and move slowly. They can be found in schools or by themselves on the bottom. I have seen the bigger Opaleyes on the bottom in deeper water. These fish are very common in rocky reefs or kelp beds from depths of 5' to 100' along the Southern California coast.


Opaleye spawn from April through June. During this time, these fish will come into shallower waters where large numbers of them can be found.

IMG_4843 2.JPG

Typical Opaleye


These fish are perfect for beginners target when being first introduced to spearfishing. They do not require any special equipment when hunting. A pole spear or a single band speargun with out a reel or float is more than enough to target Opaleye. When spearfishing for them, move slowly in shallow water. They are curious and will swim up to you. In water greater than 10' or more, best to sit on the bottom. These fish are usually located along the bottom at all water depths. Not many divers target Opaleye. There are consider trash fish by many, but these fish taste good 

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