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Recorded 9/8/21

Episode #035: Philip Maechler, Inventor of the Sens07 Vest

In this episode I speak with Swiss inventor Philip Maechler from Provitatec. We discussed the invention of the Sens07vest recovery device design to rescue blackout divers. The Sens07vest is a fully automatic and electronic emergency floating device designed to get freedivers and spearfishers back to the surface in case the diver is too long or too deep underwater - or if a shallow water blackout is detected. 


Recorded 7/2/21

Recorded 6/11/21

Recorded 5/11/21


Recorded 4/11/21

Recorded 4/1/21

Episode #028: Tim Hatler Owner of Palapas Ventana Resort

In this episode, I speak with Tim Hatler and his friends Brock and Jakob about their spearfishing resort located in La Ventana, Baja. The Resort is home of the Bluewater World Cup of Spearfishing. Tim lives down in Baja with his family full time, diving, fishing, and exploring the area. He and Brock are a wealth of knowledge for the area both above and below the sea surface. Tim shares with me how the World Cup is setup and what to expect for the first time.

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Recorded 2/21/21

Episode #27: Part 2: Buddy Diving Poor Visibility with Ted Harty

This is part 2 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. Diving and poor visibility is the sad reality for quite a few of us divers. However, there are ways to mitigate the risk of spearfishing in these conditions while at the same time making the experience more productive, and enjoyable. 

Rule #1: The first rule to spearfishing in these conditions where 5’ or 1.5m is considered “good” is to streamline your gear.

Rule #2: Have a good dive buddy.

Rule #3: Communication is key. 

Recorded 2/20/21

Episode #026:  Dr. Kelsey Albert World Records Holder

Dr. Albert is a veteran diver and current multiple women’s world record holder. On the show today, we talk about her experiences as a woman coming up in a sport dominated by men and some of the struggles she had early on because of it. As we progress through the conversation, we talk about her experiences living in Denmark and traveling through Northern Europe, and how some the cultural differences from the we as Americans look at things. This episode is a unique one and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did chatting with Kelsea.

Episode #025:  Brandon Zeek from Focus Freediving 

On this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Brandon Zeek from www.focus-freedive.com and we discuss one of the recent challenges he has encountered due to having a squeeze on a 60m dive. As we continue, we get into great detail the ends and outs of squeezes, and ways to prevent them. Another topic covered is the differences between freediving and spearfishing, and the ways they complement each other. Last, We also talk about his experiences...

Recorded 1/04/2021

Recorded 1/04/2021

Episode #024: 2020 Review With Cast & Spear's Jon Stenstrom

In this episode of Spearfactor, Jon Stenstrom from Cast & Spear and myself review our year in spearing. Topics covered are:

  • Chasing White Sea Bass 

  • Buying a house in Baja Mexico

  • Running Spearfishing trips

  • Upgrading the boat this year

  • Deaths in our community

  • Goals for 2021

  • How Covid has impacted our lives

Recorded 12/18/2020

Episode #023: Ted Harty Champion Freediver 

This is part 1 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. If you don’t know who Ted Harty is, you should. Seriously! Ted started out as a scuba Instructor in 2005 before discovering the sport of freediving a few years later. Early on in his instructing career Ted was fortunate to meet and be mentored by Kirk and Mandy Krack of Performance Freediving. From there, Ted became a competitive freediver and an a freedive Instructor. During this time, Ted  accomplished an impressive list of accomplishments. 

Recorded 12/2/2020

Episode #022: Kristina Chang Diver & Food Connoisseur 

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with San Diego diver and fellow San Diego Freedivers member, Kristina Chang. We discuss how she went from surfing up in the bay area to diving down here in San Diego. We also discuss her ridiculously delicious looking dishes that she makes with her catches. She is quite the culinary connoisseur. We specifically talk about dry aging fish.

Recorded 11/2/2020
Episode #021: Eric Anderson Central California Diver

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Eric Anderson from Central California. Eric shares how his experiences in the Marine Corps has contributed to being a better dive buddy and spearfisherman. We continue on to discuss the diving conditions in Central California as well as the targeted species in his area. Additionally, Eric shares insights to the differences in diving in Northern California vs. Central California. The gear used up in these regions are very specific to diving in holes for lingcod and around rocks for rockfish. These area are known for tough conditions and big sharks. Eric shares one encounter with...

Episode #020: Diane Huff Determined Widow to Save Lives

OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson, Jon Stenstrom from Cast & Spear and I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Huff’s widow, Diane this week. She has pledged to help saves lives through her fund the OC Spearos’ Ryan Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund and the fund is taking donations!  Applications to earn your scholarship for freedive education and certification will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Please give to help fund this initiative.

Recorded 09/29/2020


Recorded 9/26/2020

Episode #019: Dave Gleeson Rhode Island Diver
In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Dave Gleeson. Dave got his start spearfishing in the Islands around Rhode Island. He shares with us some of the things he has learned by hunting this waters such as insights to find better visibility, the change in seasons, conditions and what gear to use. We also discuss why the sport of spearfishing has grown so much in the past few years in the Northeast of the country, and world wide. 
The podcast takes a turn when Dave shares his story about...
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Recorded 9/20/2020

Episode #018: Cody Drawdy, East Coast to West Coast
In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with my good friend Cody Drawdy. Cody shares his story with us about how he got started in spearfishing on the East Coast of America where he had to deal with sharks and 2’ of visibility. We also talk about some of our spearfishing trips to Guam and Baja, and the things we learned in those places.

Recorded 8/20/2020

Episode #017: Nick Watkins from Spearchannel
In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Nick Watkins from Spearchannel. Nick shares with us how his brand, Spearchannel, began, where he wants to take it, and how he plans to achieve success with it. He also shares with us some of his struggles as the brand develops and attempts to reach future goals. Additionally, we discuss his own beginnings in to spearfishing while growing up in south Florida. Nick shares with us his recent travels to Panama and Bahamas, and some of the shenanigans that occurred.


Episode #016: Allen Yangco & Brian Fern from Longfins

In this episode, I speak with Brian Fern and Allen Yangco from Longfins Spearfishing. These two gentlemen truly define what the term giving back to the community means. Longfins originally started out as a online diving store that Allen started, but it failed. This failure didn’t discourage Allen from continuing on with the Longfins brand. He felt that the failure was a blessing in disguised. After seeing many of the divers in their area not diving safely as well as several diving related deaths including 4 of Allen’s friends, he and his friend, Brian Fern, decided to continue with Longfins by holding spearfishing seminars for the youth of Kauai.

Recorded 06/02/20

Episode #015: Captain Dan Walsh, 50 Year Veteran

In this episode, I speak with 50 year veteran diver and dive boat Skipper Dan Walsh. Since the 1970s,  Captain Dan has operated dive boats such as the Bottom Scratcher, and Spirit of Adventure for spearfishing’s elite pioneers. He was there filming when Terry Maas shot his record bluefin tuna at Guadalupe Island, which is one of the most popular moments in California’s spearfishing history.  He’s explored the Baja peninsula in its’ entirety a few times over and has dove remote stretches of the coast that I have dreamed about diving for years. But besides Baja, Captain Dan has traveled the world filming, freediving, scuba diving, and hunting places like...


Recorded 5/31/20

Episode 014:  Paul Rodriguez From Hot Rod Spearguns  

In this episode, I speak with Paul Rodriguez from Hot Rod Spearguns. While Paul is a sponsor for the show, he truly is one hell of a spearfisherman and speargun builder. During the show we spend a lot of time talking about the right speargun for the right conditions, and his new hybrid travel speargun. Additionally, Paul and I discuss spearfishing for big Dogtooth Tuna over 100 pounds. He shares some of his insane stories about determined fish ripping themselves in half in order to escape from his shaft. 


Recorded 04/18/20

Episode 013: Carlos Suarez Cuban Spearo & Game Developer

In this episode I speak with Carlos Suarez. He is the creator of the Freedive Hunter Spearfishing game. He is also originally from Cuba where he learn to spearfish. We discuss his early days of diving in Cuba as well as the equipment and techniques they used there. Some of these techniques I have never heard of such as tying a rope to a diver then pulling them up once they reached half way up from ascending on dives over 100’ in order to save oxygen. Most importantly, Carlos shares with me his main reason for creating spearfishing video games which is due to his inability to dive due to a medical condition. His passion and love for fish, especially Trigger fish is all reflected in the game. Every aspect of the game has special meaning behind it and you can hear it in his voice with he speaks with me. It was great to speak with Carlos and I am really excited to share his story with you!

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Recorded 04/18/20

Episode 012: Ultimate Waterman Mark Healey

Welcome to episode 012 of the SpearFactor podcast with special guest Mr. Mark Healey. Mark is a world class spearfisherman, and one of the top big wave surfers in the world. If you don’t believe me just google it! During the podcast, we discuss the surf and dive industries, conservation, why we spearfish, diving at Guadalupe Island with white sharks, and much more.

Recorded 04/15/20

Episode 011:  Chris Coates, Spearfishing Guide & Adventurer

On this episode of Spearfactor, today’s guest is spearfishing guide and adventurer Mr. Chris Coates.  Chris shares with us his experiences diving in South Africa and beyond. We talk extensively about spearguns, dogtooth tuna, flasher tips, gear, slip-tips vs. floppers, accuracy issues and how to fix them, as well as...

Recorded 03/27/20

Episode 010:  Chris Okamoto, Marine Biologist & Veteran Spearo

On this episode of Spearfactor today’s guest is Chris Okamoto. He is a marine biologist who works at Cabrillo Marine aquarium in San Pedro and he’s also one of the founders of www.spearingforum.com . The idea behind his form is to have a ethical and professional learning environment where veterans and beginners alike can share information. There’s a ton of information on Seabass, both Black and White, and crazy stories with...

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Episode OO9:  Dr. Cyrus Torchinsky, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists 

In the episode of SpearFactor, I speak with ear, nose, and throat Doctor Cyrus Torchinsky. Dr. Torchinsky currently practices medicine in San Diego. He is original from Santa Cruz, California and attended UC San Diego Medical School and then traveled to Boston, Mass for his speciality training. Dr Torchinsky shares his knowledge about various topics including Coronavirus, ear issues and...

Recorded 03/08/20

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Recorded 02/02/20

Episode OO8:  OneDrop Spearfishing's Robert John Kross and Dr. Michael Orr

In this episode, I speak with Robert John Kross and Dr. Michael Orr from Guam’s OneDrop Spearfishing team. I have had the pleasure of meeting and diving with these two amazing guys over the past couple of years while I was in.....


Recorded 01/22/20

Episode OO7: Interview with spearfishing YouTube celebrity Daniel Mann

In this episode I speak with Daniel man who most of you know him from his YouTube channel where he post his videos of giant halibut as well as tips and techniques that are much appreciated in the Spearfishing community. We go over his reason for starting his YouTube channel and...

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Episode 006: OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson

In this episode of Spearfactor, I meet with OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson. Brad and I discuss why we think the OC Spearos has such a huge following in the spearfishing community. Their culture of welcoming divers of all experience levels has fostered a climate perfect for learning and growing your knowledge within the sport of spearfishing. He also shares his thoughts on...

Recorded 12/21/19

Recorded 11/15/19

Episode 005: Nick Garcia From Nitro Gun Co. Spearguns

In this episode of Spearfactor, I meet with Nick Garcia, the owner Nitro Gun Co, at his workshop in Carlsbad, California.  We began just like we always do, discussing Nick’s background going from his beginning days as a young surfer, to professional MMA fighter, all the way to becoming an avid diver and speargun manufacture. Like most of us, Nick’s journey has many different turns and...

Recorded 10/09/19


Episode 004: Robert Paine For Kimera Spearfishing 

In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with Robert Paine, the co-owner of the Kimera Spearfishing. He and his brother-in-law have invented the side slip system, a spearfishing tip that replaces the standard flopper giving you the benefits of a slip tip without the issues involved. I spoke to him about the process of starting a company and how the Kimera Sideslip system evolved into...

Recorded 10/27/19

Episode 003: Legendary Waterman Colin Smith

In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with legendary waterman and family man, Colin Smith. Colin was a former professional surfer from San Diego with deep family roots in the ocean. He began spearfishing at the age of 22 when a knee injury sidelined his surfing career. He quickly turned a negative into a positive, and began developing his diving skills until...

Episode 002: South African Diver Bas De Vos 

Today on SpearFactor, I speak with South African diver Bas De Vos about his travels and experiences spearfishing around the world, and at home in South Africa. 

We discuss the Killer Whaler/Great White Shark situation in Cape Town, South Africa which has changed...

Recorded 9/10/19

Recorded 8/26/19


 Episode 001: Who is Bret Whitman

I sit down with Jon Stenstrom from Cast and Spear, and we talked about how I got started with diving and this website/podcast thing. Growing up in Orange County, California my first love was the ocean. I started surfing from an early age and wanted to spend as much time in the ocean as possible. This desire led to my friends and I getting...