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Recorded 4/28/24

Spearfactor EP069: Julie Higgs, A life on the water
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #070: Devin O'Dea, MPAs & Conservation

In this episode I speak with Devon O’Dea. Devin is a representative from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. We discuss issues that divers, fishermen, and hunters are facing in our state and country. Things like MPAs, conservation versus preservation, and the of the different opinions and the different stances on those issues. Devin shares way that people can get involved to truly protect our wildlife and our rights to hunt and fish. I hope you guys learn something and I hope you enjoy the show!

Find Devin @chefboyodea

Get Involved:



Recorded 2/28/24

Spearfactor EP069: Julie Higgs, A life on the water
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #069: Julie Higgs, A life on the water

In this episode I speak with Julie Higgs. Julie is a multiple world record holder, a member of the USA Women’s Spearfishing team, and a firefighter. We talk about her childhood in Florida, trips to the Bahamas with her dad, trips around the world, her Costa Rica tuna adventures, and her experiences in diving competitions. 

Check out Julie at:




Recorded 1/28/24

Spearfactor EP068: Jerry Guerra, Neptonics Owner
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #068: Jerry Guerra, Neptonics Owner

Jerry Guerra from Neptonics is back with us to discuss new products, and a recent trip chasing monster dog tooth tuna. Additionally, I always have a great time discussing the spearfishing industry and everything in between with Jerry. I hope you guys enjoy the playful dialogue. Check out Jerry and Neptonics at:


Use code: SpearFactor10 for 10% off

Recorded 12/28/23

Spearfactor EP067: Axel Schüller, Arctic Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #067: Axel Schüller, Arctic Spearfishing

Today’s guest is Axel Schüller from Arctic Spearfishing. Axel’s operation is based out of Norway where he targets local fish species such as monster Halibut. We talk a lot about spearfishing in Norway and what to expect if take a trip there. Cold water and monster Halibut await you. Axel and I discussed the specifics of hunting Halibut from techniques to gear. Thank you again Axel and I hope enjoy the episode!

Contact Axel at: IG @arcticspearfishing or 

Recorded 11/28/23

Spearfactor EP066: Isaac "Shrek" Daly, The Noob Spearo Podcast
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #066: Isaac "Shrek" Daly, Noob Spearo Podcast 

Today’s guest is Mr. Isaac Daly, also known as “Shrek”, is a spearfishing expert and the host of the Noob Spearo podcast. The Noob Spearo podcast has been going strong for over 10 years and is continuing to grow. This is because of Isaac’s dedication to sharing his guests’ knowledge and experiences to the benefit of his audience. Isaac’s passion for spearfishing and his dedication to educating others has made him a valuable resource for the spearfishing community. On top of all of this, Isaac was a huge help to me when I was starting the Spearfactor podcast and I really appreciate his help and friendship. Enjoy the episode!

Check out Noob Spearo at: @NoobSpearoSpearfishing


Recorded 11/8/23

Spearfactor EP065: Zach & Quinnl, The Breakfast Club
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #065: Zach & Quinn, The Breakfast Club 

Today's guests are Quinn and Zach from the San Diego Breakfast Club. Now the SD Breakfast Club really isn’t a dive club at all, but it’s actually a group chat for about 70 divers. They are holding a contest on November 19 to lobster contests and how it works says the lobster are going to be donated to Father Joe’s Village to help those less fortunate during the Thanksgiving time. We also talk about their experiences as they got into spearfishing with overcoming fears and challenges when starting out. Get In Touch IG @thebreakfastclubsd


Recorded 8/18/23

Spearfactor EP064: Adrian & Neyl, Diving Northern Baja
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #064: Adrian & Neyl, Diving Northern Baja 

In this episode, I speak with Adrian Vasques and Neyl Montesano. Adrian is here from Ensenada to share with us his contest that he’s putting on October 7 down in the Ensenada area and Neyl is here to help with any language issues and also to share his experience diving in that area as well. Both guys are insanely just stoked on spearfishing and community, and we talk about spearfishing in Northern Baja as a whole. Hope you enjoy this episode.  

Checkout the Tournament FB

Sign up for the October 7 Tournament Here

IG @baja.spearfishing 

Greg YT copy.jpg

Recorded 6/18/23

Spearfactor EP063: Greg Evans, South Pacific Adventures
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #063: Gregory Evans, Sailing The South Pacific 

In this episode, I speak with Gregory Evans. I met Greg in Guam while he was sailing through the South Pacific with his family. He has some incredible adventures as he made his way across the ocean, surfing and diving throughout some of the most remote places in the world. We talk a lot about those places that he has been and some of the unique things that he seen from tiger sharks to giant dogtooth tuna. We also discussed how he came about doing this being that he’s from Canada with little to no sailing experience before. I hope you guys enjoy this episode and feel free to reach out to Greg with questions regarding his travels.

IG or at @grrr_evans 

Spearfishing Entrepreneur

Recorded 5/18/23

Spearfactor EP062: Jon Stenstrom, Turning Passion into a Business
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #062: Jon Stenstrom, Turning Passion into a Business

 In this episode, we have Jon Stenstrom, a returning guest on the podcast, to talk a little bit about how he got started being an entrepreneur, and turning his passion into a business. He talks about his experiences, trying to grow his brand @castandspear in the Spearfishing/fishing industry, and some of the things he encountered and lessons he learned. We also discussed the culture of spear fishing in Southern California, and how it differs from the rest of the planet. Specifically, we talk about the unspoken rules within our own community of Southern California such as spot burning and the dos and don’ts to social media posts. This was a long episode but I hope you will find it interesting and insightful. If you are looking for any advice on how to get started your business or just want to connect with Jon, he can be reached at @castandspear on IG or at


Recorded 5/18/23

Spearfactor EP061: Brett Leable, Freshwater Spearing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #061: Brett Leable, Freshwater Spearing

This episode of Spearfactor is with Brett Leable. Brett is heavily involved in the world of competitive freshwater Spearfishing, and recently finished participating as a boat driver for the freshwater world competition at Lake Powell. Brett shares with us his journey from Wisconsin where he cut his teeth, spearfishing the Great Lakes to where he’s at today. Additionally, we discuss an incident that he was involved in two years ago where a diver was propped and killed. Brett shares in great detail the tragic events of that day. This event was extremely eerie especially because I was out the same day and I heard the call over the radio. I think the biggest take away from our conversation was that everyone plays a role in safety especially out on the water. Thank you Brett for sharing your story with us and everyone please be safe. 

Contact Brett @therealbrettleable

And if interested on learning more about freshwater spearfishing checkout

Recorded 5/8/23

Spearfactor EP060: Glyn Sadler, Commando Mindset
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #060: Glyn Sadler, Commando Mindset

Today's guest is Glyn Sadler from the United Kingdom. Glyn was a Commando in the British military, and he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean which took he and his team a total of 39 days of nonstop rowing. We discuss everything about the logistics to this trip to the mindset that it took to accomplish such a task. Additionally, we discuss his future row and spear trip adventures that he intends to do around the United Kingdom. He also wants to bring awareness to the raw sewage that is being dumped into the local waterways in the UK. Find Glyn on Instagram @glyn_sadler

If you are interested in contacting Glyn about his future Row and Spear trips, check out his website at or


Recorded 4/2/23

Spearfactor EP059: Tim Hatler Blue Water World Cup 2023 & Much More...
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #059: Tim Hatler, 2023 Blue Water World Cup

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast! Today, we have a very special guest, Tim Hatler of Palapas Ventana, who is hosting the Bluewater World Cup of Spearfishing in La Ventana Baja this July. Tim is the owner and operator of the resort that operates both on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja and the Pacific side. We discussed the details of spearfishing in southern Baja, and some of the factors that affect conditions and fish migrations on both sides of the peninsula. Additionally, we talk about the upcoming Bluewater World Cup, which is an exciting event for spearfishing enthusiasts from all around the world. So, whether you are a seasoned spearfisherman or just curious about the sport, you won't want to miss this fascinating conversation with Tim Hatler of Palapas Ventana!

If interested in joining the Blue Water World Cup contact Palapas Ventana at @palapasventana_fish or


Recorded 3/18/23

Spearfactor EP058: Nicole Burko, Women's USA Spearfishing Team
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #058: Nicole Burko, Team USA Women's Spearfishing

Welcome back to the SpearFactor Spearfishing podcast. I'm excited to introduce our special guest for episode 58, Nicole Burko, a world-record holder, member of the USA women's spearfishing team, and a talented artist.

Nicole was born in Canada and moved to Florida for college, where she pursued her passion for art and discovered her love for spearfishing. Her studies in art have influenced her underwater experiences and her spearfishing experiences has influenced her art as well. 

As a world record holder in spearfishing and a member of the USA women's spearfishing team, Nicole knows what it takes to compete at the highest level of the sport. She has faced tough competition and challenging conditions, but her experiences with commercial spearfishing I’ve helped her develop some very efficient techniques for competition.

In this episode, we'll dive deep into Nicole's journey as a competitive spearfisher, how she balances her passion for art and spearfishing, the training and preparation required to be a member of the USA team, and much more. Join me for this insightful conversation with Nicole Burko, as we explore the world of competitive spearfishing with a couple of big fish stories all in this insightful episode.

Support the USA Spearfishing Women's Team @usa_spearfishing_womens_team 

Checkout more from Nicole at @spearfishingnicole 


Recorded 2/18/23

Spearfactor EP057: Matt Johnson Lineage Charters
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #057: Matt Johnson Lineage Charters

In this episode, Matt Johnson of Lineage charters also known as Captain Bly shares over 40 years on the water experience. He is a commercial fisherman, charter operator, veteran diver and speargun manufacturer. We open by discussing the growing population of white sharks in our waters before moving on to hunting White Sea bass tips. We move into discussing his approach to speargun design and manufacturing. Finally, end the conversation talking about the ins and outs of owner and operating Lineage charters. To connect with Matt on IG checkout @lineagecharters and at @captainblyspearguns

Recorded 1/18/23

Spearfactor EP056: Matthew Novakovich, Ocean State Spearguns
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #056: Matthew Novakovich, Ocean State Speraguns

In this episode, I speak with Matthew Novakovich from Ocean State Spearguns. Matthew has been diving exclusively on Rhode Island's reefs for years. He is an engineer by trade and he uses that background to push him into perfecting his craft. One of question I asked him was, "How are your guns different than other spearguns?" He explains that the cuttlefish shape is a key component to designing a efficient hydrodynamic speargun. We discuss this further as well as many other items.

For more on Matthew's speargun, check out his IG account @oceanstatespearguns

Derik Rush.JPG

Recorded 1/5/23

Spearfactor EP055: Derik Rush Baja Exploring & Find Grouper
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #055: Derik Rush, Baja Grouper Slayer

In this episode, Derik Rush and I discuss his experiences freediving the freshwater sink holes in Mexico, and spearing remote reefs down in Baja. Derik is also a freediving instructor and works at the Just Get Wet shop here in San Diego. I spoke to Derik about his growth as a freediver and how it transitions over to his spearfishing. For more on Derik, check out his IG account @diving4tacos.


Recorded 11/8/22

Spearfactor EP054: Cameron Gregg, 2 Year Latin America Road Trip
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #054: Cameron Gregg, 2 Year Latin America Road Trip

Cameron discusses his two year adventure traveling through Latin America and learning the ropes of spearfishing along the way. We talk about some of the zones that he dove and what he experienced doing it by meeting locals rather than paying for a guided trip. We also discussed his company, @tagspearguns Tag spearguns that makes all carbon travel guns and what makes his guns unique. Additionally, We talk about his time spent in the Philippines as a freediving instructor teaching people how to dive and the challenges that goes along with that.

Big Jake2.jpg

Recorded 10/8/22

Episode #053: Jake Lords, Frigid Waters & Record Fish

Today’s guest is Jake Lords AKA @Bigjakelords from Utah. He’s known for his freshwater diving adventures in literally freezing temperatures shooting world record lake species. Jake and I talk a lot about what drives him to diving in the middle of winter into freezing water temperatures. We also discuss his experiences diving in freshwater then transitioning into saltwater when he competed at the Bluewater World Cup. Last, we discuss his niche in the spearfishing industry and how it has made him marketable to sponsors.

Spearfactor EP053: Big Jake Lords, Frigid Waters, Record Fish
00:00 / 38:57

Recorded 9/15/22

Spearfactor EP052 Part 2: Allen & Brian, The Kauai Boys are back!!
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #052 PART 2: Allen & Brian, The Kauai Boys are Back!

Welcome back to the show Allen Yangco and Brian Fern. This is a two part series with the boys from Kauai discussing everything from Mark Zuckerberg to spearguns. We chatted for over two hours so I decided to break the episode up into two parts. The first part discusses spearfishing culture and mindset as well as Brian and Al‘s latest spearfishing adventure here in Southern California chasing Bluefin tuna.  We also discussed why the trip was so important And different ways for each of them.

You can find on Brian Fern and his spearguns on Instagram @unkolearnuhow or at

And Allen Yangco @like_kikoman_unko_shoyu_how


Recorded 9/15/22

Spearfactor EP052 Part 1: Allen & Brian, The Kauai Boys are back!!
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #052 PART 1: Allen & Brian, The Kauai Boys are Back!

Welcome back to the show Allen Yangco and Brian Fern. This is a two part series with the boys from Kauai discussing everything from Mark Zuckerberg to spearguns. We chatted for over two hours so I decided to break the episode up into two parts. The first part discusses spearfishing culture and mindset as well as Brian and Al‘s latest spearfishing adventure here in Southern California chasing Bluefin tuna.  We also discussed why the trip was so important And different ways for each of them.

You can find on Brian Fern and his spearguns on Instagram @unkolearnuhow or at

And Allen Yangco @like_kikoman_unko_shoyu_how

Tracy Wittmeier.JPG

Recorded 8/28/22

EP051: Tracy Wittmeier, World Record Bluefin Tuna
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #051: Tracy Wittmeier, World Record Bluefin

In this episode, I speak with San Diego diver, Tracy Wittmeier. Tracy is as passionate about diving as you could be. She also has the pending Women's World Record for Bluefin tuna, landing a 196 pound beast. Tracy and her dive partner Matt, a local charter boat captain, spend their time diving in San Diego and down in Baja shooting grouper. They are quite the spearfishing duo. Besides spending time in the water, Tracy is also an officer in the Navy where she was a pilot before switching over to physical therapy. I feel that Tracy is a great role model for women of all ages both in and out of the water. 

Get in touch with Tracy @tracywittmeier


Recorded 7/28/22

EP050: Ollie Craig New Zealand Diver
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #050: Ollie Craig from Primal Pursuit

In this episode, I speak with Ollie Craig from Primal Pursuit. Ollie lives in New Zealand but has had to unique opportunity to travel the world as super yacht deckhand. During his time as a deckhand, he was able to travel to some of the world’s most unique places including Saint Helena Island, Madagascar, and some other places that will not be mentioned. Additionally, Ollie’s YouTube channel is full of hunting and fishing adventures. His videos center around getting off of the normal roads and searching out for new isolated spots. They really give you a feel about what day to day diving in New Zealand is really like. You can find Ollie on IG at @ollie_craig and his brand @primal_pursuit_nz


Recorded 6/21/22

EP049: Kunpei Kosaka Bluewater Polespearing in Japan
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #049: Kunpei Kosaka Bluewater Pole Spearing in Japan

In this episode, I speak with Kunpei Kosaka from Japan. Kunpei shares with us his equipment, techniques, and journey into the world of bluewater pole spearing. He currently has two world records for pole spearing. One for a over 100 pound dogtooth tuna, and a second for a massive coral trout. He is currently working a documentary film the quest for 100kg dogtooth. You can see the documentary IG page @mission100film Kunpei's IG page is @extreme_polespearing and has his full on insane pole spear catches.

yellows Tim thompson_edited.jpg

Recorded 6/12/22

EP048: Tim Hatler 2022 Bluewater World Cup
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #048: Tim Hatler 2022 Bluewater World Cup

Today on Spearfactor, I speak with Tim Hatler from Palapas Ventana Spearfishing Resort in Baja. Tim also hosts the Bluewater World Cup which is occurring this year between July 10-14. We chat about what makes this event so special and get into the details of how it is run by the resort. Palapas Ventana also has several liveaboards trips to various destinations on both sides of Baja. Tim and I discuss  the fishing potential at some of those destinations. If you want more information on the resort or are interested in participating in the Bluewater World Cup 2022, contact Tim at or check out their IG page @palapasventana_fish

Recorded 5/12/22​​
EP047: Nick Anastasia Team Sea Monkeys Big Island Shore Diving
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #047: Nick Anastasia Team Sea Monkeys

Todays guest is Nick Anastasia from the Big Island of Hawaii. I first noticed Nick through his Instagram @teamseamonkeys where he was landing beautiful fish and fighting off sharks. Then I meet him in person during the San Diego's Freedving Bluewater meet where he had managed to shoot a nice bluefin tuna with the Kinetic Spearfishing crew. As we chat, his love for spearfishing becomes obvious, and his desire to learn and share the stoke also becomes obvious as well. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did making it! Thanks again Nick!


Recorded 5/12/22​​

EP046: Peter Correale International Spearfishing Guide
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #046: Peter Correale Spearfishing Guide

Todays Guest is Peter Correale. International spearfishing guide Peter Correale offers guided spearfishing trips in various locations such as Panama, Baja, Africa, etc. He has years of experience in these locations and his expertise is truly unmatched by most in the industry. In this episode, Peter shares with us stories of his travels and some of the amazing catches along the way. If you are looking for a true professional spearfishing guide then he is the one to contact. Email


Recorded 5/1/22

EP045: Jerry Guerra From Spearfishing and Freediving
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #045: Jerry Guerra Neptonics Spearfishing

Jerry Guerra is today's guest on Spearfactor. He has been freediving and spearfishing since he was a young boy in Florida, he also is a owner of Neptonics Spearfishing and Freediving. Neptonics is the leading online spearfishing shop in the industry with quality gear and fair prices. Jerry talks with us about the gear they sale and why he prefers Neptonics gear over others. He also shares lots of stories about his own experiences diving and gives pointers and tips.

See Neptonics products at:

Neptonics Spearfishing and Freediving

SAVE 10% at checkout with Spearfactor10 code.


Follow Neptonics at


Recorded 4/1/22
EP044: Hugo Rodas from Ghost Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #044: Hugo Rodas From Ghost Spearfishing

​This episode of the show features Mr. Hugo Rodas of ghost Spearfishing. Hugo has a unique story having left Mexico with nothing when he was a boy and moving to Hollywood, California. Hugo and I discuss mentorship in spearfishing for people trying to get into the sport. We also talk about choosing the right dive buddy and what that actual means. When I met Hugo he was just getting a diving and then the next thing I know he’s got his own brand. Be sure to check out @ghostspearfishing on IG for some great content!

Recorded 3/11/22
EP043: Lenny Logsdail from Aquatic Apes
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #043: Lenny Logsdail From Aquatic Apes

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Lenny Logsdail from Aquatic Apes. His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and when you watch a few of his videos you understand why. His ability to draw you in and tell a story is truly an art in itself. If you haven’t already you should get over and check out his channel and be prepared to be entertained. Thank you again to Lenny for spending so much time chatting with me. And you can find when his brand aquatic apes on Instagram at @aquaticapes and on YouTube at Aquatic Apes.

Recorded 3/1/22
EP042: Just Get Wet Crew, Nathan & Chris
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #042:  Just Get Wet Boys, Chris & Nathan

In this episode of Spearfactor podcast, I speak with the boys from Just Get Wet freediving, Nathan and Chris. These guys run a freediving shop in San Diego that provides spearfishing and dive courses. They have built quite a community through their training and courses. They even have meet ups every Sunday at La Jolla Shores where are they provide a safe and effective place to train. If you’re interested and stepping up your diving knowledge and ability check out the boys at: 

IG @justgetwet_  


Peter Yee_edited.jpg

Recorded 2/18/22

EP041: Peter Yee, Designing success both in and out of the water
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #041: Peter Yee, Designing Success

In the this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Orange County, California diver Peter Yee. Peter story is unique in that his professional background is in design. He was the VP of design at Oakley and worked there for 25 years before retiring and starting his own design business, Peter Yee Designs, PYD. Peter uses his design background to look at new ways to improve products as well as inventing new ones. Peter also enjoys documenting and sharing his spearfishing adventures on his channel Spear With X. Check out more from Peter on IG @spearwithx and at @peteryeedesigns

Recorded 1/08/21
EP040: CJ Duffie from Neritic Diving
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #040: CJ Duffie Neritic Diving Owner & Guide

In this episode, I speak with Floridian diver and guide CJ Duffie. CJ is not only just a spear fisherman and guide but he’s also the owner of Neritic spearfishing equipment. We talked extensively about pole spears and the ins and outs of being in the spearfishing guide industry. Specifically, CJ and I talk about being freediving industry and guiding divers around the world. Thank you CJ for being on the show.

You can find more about Neritic Diving at:

Contact CJ at:


Recorded 12/08/21
EP039: Danny Bolton Animal Attitude
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #039:  Danny Bolton Animal Attitude

Today’s episode is with a diver from the Big Island of Hawaii, Danny Bolton. He’s an absolute beast as far as having that animal attitude and tapping into the primitive part of our brain. He’s lives for skating, hunting, building and racing trucks as well as spearfishing. He also has a clothing line called Under The Ficus which was named after a local hangout spot that was special to him and his friends.

Recorded 11/28/21
EP038: Charles Slattery, GTCC Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #038:  Charles Slattery of Good Time Charlie Charters

On this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Captain Charles Slattery of Good Time Charlie Charters. This episode we discussed the spearfishing and freediving industry as a whole. We specifically talk about how things in the industry could improve and need to get better. Everything from freediving training to spearfishing guides is covered.


 If you want more information on Charlie, check out IG @GTCC or

Along the keel.JPG
Recorded 11/8/21
EP036: Captain Matt from Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #037: Zach Rollins Boat Salvage Captain

Our guest is a boat captain whose life is centered around the ocean. Zach Rollins makes his living on the water. He's lives and breath it! He also has a podcast called Along The Keel that shares brands who’s whole existence the center around the ocean and tells their story. Zach is from Rhode Island originally, and he’s got a ton of knowledge about the dos and don’ts of boating. Shares some ways to help prevent and minimize issues while on the water as well.


 If you want to hear more from Zach check out @alongthekeel

Recorded 10/8/21
EP036: Captain Matt from Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #036: Captain Matt, Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Captain Matt from the Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon. This unique episode contains huge amounts of knowledge for anyone looking to get into boating for any reason at all, especially as salt water bound sportsman. We discuss some of the pros and cons of different types of boats and some of the pitfalls to avoid when looking at getting your first boat. There is a ton of information within this podcast and I hope you guys find it really useful! 

You can find Captain Matt at

Or on his YouTube channel Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon

Philip wide.PNG
Recorded 9/8/21
EP035: Philip Maechler Inventor of the Sens07 Diver Recovery Vest
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #035: Philip Maechler, Inventor of the Sens07 Vest

In this episode I speak with Swiss inventor Philip Maechler from Provitatec. We discussed the invention of the Sens07vest recovery device design to rescue blackout divers. The Sens07vest is a fully automatic and electronic emergency floating device designed to get freedivers and spearfishers back to the surface in case the diver is too long or too deep underwater - or if a shallow water blackout is detected. The Sens07vest turns an unconscious person on his back to keep his airways clear. Philip goes over his inspiration for the product and the developmental process from the first prototype to what it is now. He also covers how the vest functions, and the similarities and differences between previous models of this device. Philip also gave Spearfactor listeners a 10% discount on the vest itself which was already almost half of the freediving Recovery vest developed by legendary diver Terry Maas. 

10% Discount for Sens07vest at PROVITATEC

Put in promo code: SPEARFACTOR10


Recorded 8/28/21

EP034: Nick Bailey, Young Floridian Fish Slayer
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #034: Nick Bailey Young Floridian Fish Slayer

On this episode I speak with Florida's Nick Bailey about diving in his local area. We talk a lot about sharks, groupers, diving conditions, and some of the issues that Florida divers deal with everyday. Nick shares with us his preferred gear choice and a few of his techniques for shooting and landing solid fish in deeper depths. You can follow Nick on social media at @nick__bialey15 on IG or Tiktok @roastedndtoasted . I am looking forward to see how Nick progress in the sport. Thanks again for speaking with me Nick.

Sam C.jpg

Recorded 8/2/21

EP033: Sam Clothier, The Wet Mammal
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #033: Sam Clothier, The Wet Mammal

On this episode, I speak with Australian diver and adventurer Sam Clothier. Originally from the UK, Sam moved to Australia in order to live a more adventurous lifestyle and he certainly has done that! During this episode we talk about diving solo, catching and cooking all types of fish, his youtube channel @wetmammal and some of his more exciting fish stories. Sam also enjoys documenting his hike and spear trips where he will adventure off to hard to reach sections of the coastline to dive. For more on Sam, checkout his IG page @wetmammal


Recorded 7/2/21

EP032: The Adventures of Phonebooth
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #032: The Solo Adventures of Phonebooth

I can't say enough about this man. He's like a character in a movie, more specifically a character that we want to be like. Phonebooth and I met through some mutual friends from Guam. I didn't know much about him including his real name, but I soon realized that none of that really mattered. He's the guy that yells "WHAT'S UP!!!!" at the top of the boat ramp at 5:00 in the morning. You know, the attitude that you wish everyone had before heading offshore including yourself. Phonebooth is a perfect example of Island style. Full of love and very light hearted, he loves to travel light and hunt big.  He often rolls solo but quickly makes friends as he dials in new places. I have really enjoyed our adventures together and hearing about some of his solo adventures chasing down big fish in Baja. I hope to enjoy this episode as much as I did making it! 


Recorded 6/11/21

EP031: Bill Wagner, Veteran San Diego Diver
00:00 / 38:57

Recorded 5/11/21

EP030: Spearo Council Weighs in on Seaspiracy Documentary
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #030: Spearo Council Weighs in on Seaspiracy

Noob Spearo's Isaac Daly, Cast & Spear's Jon Stenstrom, and myself, Bret Whitman, share our thoughts on the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. These are opinions based on our own experiences. While I disagree with many aspects of the documentary, I have a underlying respect for Ali Tabrizi for creating this film and his desire to help save our oceans' marine life.

Check out Cast & Spear Podcast at @ @castandspear

Check out Noob Spearo Podcast at @ @noobSpearo


Recorded 4/11/21

EP029: Tim Andrews High Performance Diving & The Shark Encounter
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #029: Tim Andrews from High Performance Diving

I spoke with Tim Andrews from and we discuss some deep diving techniques and tips as well as the famous Great White Shark encounter off of the coast of Hawaii. This encounter was so popular because the world's largest Great White Shark, Deep Blue, was seen eating a dead whale while other divers swam with it. This shark named Deep Blue was estimated to be between 20 and 21 feet in length. In closing, Tim says that he is going to culinary cook in order to learn how to make trash fish not taste like trash. For more of Tim check out @highperformancediving on IG

Recorded 4/1/21

EP028: Tim Hatler from Palapas Ventana
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #028: Tim Hatler Owner of Palapas Ventana Resort

In this episode, I speak with Tim Hatler and his friends Brock and Jakob about their spearfishing resort located in La Ventana, Baja. The Resort is home of the Bluewater World Cup of Spearfishing. Tim lives down in Baja with his family full time, diving, fishing, and exploring the area. He and Brock are a wealth of knowledge for the area both above and below the sea surface. Tim shares with me how the World Cup is setup and what to expect with arriving for the first time to the resort. Personally, I am looking forward to traveling down there and experiencing the resort with my family. You can find out more information on the resort's website: 

and be sure to tell them that Bret from Spearfactor sent you! Hope to see you there.

If you would like to enter the Bluewater World Cup please contact Tim for more details at

IMG_7539 2.JPG
Recorded 2/21/21
EP027: Part 2 with Ted Harty, Buddy diving in poor visibility
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #27: Part 2: Ted Harty, Buddy Diving Poor Visibility

This is part 2 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. Diving and poor visibility is the sad reality for quite a few of us divers. However, there are ways to mitigate the risk of spearfishing in these conditions while at the same time making the experience more productive, and enjoyable. 

Rule #1: The first rule to spearfishing in these conditions where 5’ or 1.5m is considered “good” is to streamline your gear.

Rule #2: Have a good dive buddy.

Rule #3: Communication is key. Tell your buddy what you are intending to do and how long you plan on being down. A good example of this would be telling your buddy that you plan to dive down the anchor line, then kick straight out about ten feet. The entire dive should take about 1:30 tops. Another tip is that both divers should keep their spearguns point away from any potential divers resurfacing. The buddy who is spotting keep your gun either straight out or straight up so the diver returning to the surface does not swim up straight into the speargun’s shaft. Likewise, with the diver returning to the surface needs to keep their speargun pointed down towards the bottom so they do not poke their buddy upon surfacing.

Last, we cover the techniques that I use while hunting. I discuss in great detail how I use the buddy system while hunting for White Sea Bass.

On Ted’s websites, he offers several freediving courses covering everything from equalization to a 28-day Freediving Transformation. There’s even a few of these course for free.


Immersion Freediving

Freediving Safety

 Use Promo code: spearfactor for a 15% discount

You can also reach Ted through social media at:

IG @immersionfd

Recorded 2/20/21
EP026: Dr. Kelsey Abert Veteran Diver & World Records Holder
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #026:  Dr. Kelsey Albert World Records Holder

Dr. Albert is a veteran diver and current multiple women’s world record holder. On the show today, we talk about her experiences as a woman coming up in a sport dominated by men and some of the struggles she had early on because of it. As we progress through the conversation, we talk about her experiences living in Denmark and traveling through Northern Europe, and how some the cultural differences from the we as Americans look at things. This episode is a unique one and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did chatting with Kelsea.


Recorded 1/04/2021

EP025: Brandon Zeek from Focus Freediving
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #025:  Brandon Zeek from Focus Freediving 

On this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Brandon Zeek from and we discuss one of the recent challenges he has encountered due to having a squeeze on a 60m dive. As we continue, we get into great detail the ends and outs of squeezes, and ways to prevent them. Another topic covered is the differences between freediving and spearfishing, and the ways they complement each other. Last, We also talk about his experiences working with the Diving for a Cause organization where he Colleen Gallagher and Terry Maas traveled together to help local people in New Zealand and in Panama. While in New Zealand, Brandon was lucky enough to land a 74 pound kingfish. Brandon is a great diver and a very knowledgable instructor. If you are thinking about taking a class in Southern California area, you can reach Brandon on Instagram at @depthzeeker or online at

Recorded 1/04/2021
EP024: 2020 Review with Cast and Spear's Jon Stenstrom
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #024: 2020 Review With Cast & Spear's Jon Stenstrom

In this episode of Spearfactor, Jon Stenstrom from Cast & Spear and myself review our year in spearing. Topics covered are:

  • Chasing White Sea Bass 

  • Buying a house in Baja Mexico

  • Running Spearfishing trips

  • Upgrading the boat this year

  • Deaths in our community

  • Goals for 2021

  • How Covid has impacted our lives

Recorded 12/18/2020
EP023: Ted Harty Champion Freediver & Instructor
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #023: Ted Harty Champion Freediver 

This is part 1 of a 2 part series of the Spearfactor podcast with Mr. Ted Harty, USA Freediving Champion. If you don’t know who Ted Harty is, you should. Seriously! Ted started out as a scuba Instructor in 2005 before discovering the sport of freediving a few years later. Early on in his instructing career Ted was fortunate to meet and be mentored by Kirk and Mandy Krack of Performance Freediving. From there, Ted became a competitive freediver and an a freedive Instructor. During this time, Ted  accomplished an impressive list of accomplishments. 


• 1st place finish PFI Competition Breathless 2009

• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2011

• Broke longest standing USA Freediving record during 2011 Freediving World Championships in Italy, with a Dynamic Apnea swim of 170m

• Selected to be Captain of the 2012 USA Freediving Team during World Championships

• Constant weight dive of 85m (279ft) in 2012

• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2014


Ted and Kirk shared the same passion for freediving safety being the number one goal in our sport. When Ted first started Instructing there were only a few instructors around the world. This led to many students, many days, and many lessons learned in the water. Because of this, Ted has wealth of knowledge from instructing students from all different kinds of backgrounds. He shares these experiences  with us all through numerous media outlets including podcast, tv shows, and his websites. On Ted’s websites, he offers several freediving courses covering everything from equalization to a 28-day Freediving Transformation. There’s even a few of these course for free. CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITES AND SIGN UP FOR A FREE ONLINE CLASS!!!!!


Immersion Freediving

Freediving Safety

Use Promo code: spearfactor for a 15% discount


You can also reach Ted through social media at:

IG @immersionfd

FB Ted Harty or Immersion Freediving

Recorded 12/2/2020
EP022: Kristina Chang, Diver & Food Connoiseur
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #022: Kristina Chang Diver & Food Connoisseur 

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with San Diego diver and fellow San Diego Freedivers member, Kristina Chang. We discuss how she went from surfing up in the bay area to diving down here in San Diego. We also discuss her ridiculously delicious looking dishes that she makes with her catches. She is quite the culinary connoisseur. We specifically talk about dry aging fish and where her inspiration comes for dishes. Furthermore we discuss some of her future goals for trips and fish to land. Enjoy


Awesome Fish Tikka Masala Recipe


Connect with Kristina on Instagram


Recorded 11/2/2020
EP021: Eric Anderson, Diving Central California
00:00 / 38:57
Episode #021: Eric Anderson Central California Diver

​In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Eric Anderson from Central California. Eric shares how his experiences in the Marine Corps has contributed to being a better dive buddy and spearfisherman. We continue on to discuss the diving conditions in Central California as well as the targeted species in his area. Additionally, Eric shares insights to the differences in diving in Northern California vs. Central California. The gear used up in these regions are very specific to diving in holes for lingcod and around rocks for rockfish. These area are known for tough conditions and big sharks. Eric shares one encounter with a curious white shark while diving at the channel islands. This episode gives us an in-depth look to the dive culture in Central California.


Recorded 09/29/2020

EP020: Ryan Huff's Widow, Diane
00:00 / 38:57
Episode #020: Diane Huff Determined Widow to Save Lives

OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson, Jon Stenstrom from Cast & Spear and I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Huff’s widow, Diane this week. She has pledged to help saves lives through her fund the OC Spearos’ Ryan Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund and the fund is taking donations!  Applications to earn your scholarship for freedive education and certification will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Please give to help fund this initiative.

To learn about Ryan Huff's life, how you can get a free certification course if you qualify, and lobster diving tips to stay safe during the lobster opener.

For more details:


Recorded 9/26/2020

EP019: Dave Gleeson Oceanographer & Rhode Island Diver
00:00 / 38:57
Episode #019: Dave Gleeson Rhode Island Diver

In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Dave Gleeson. Dave got his start spearfishing in the Islands around Rhode Island. He shares with us some of the things he has learned by hunting this waters such as insights to find better visibility, the change in seasons, conditions and what gear to use. We also discuss why the sport of spearfishing has grown so much in the past few years in the Northeast of the country, and world wide. 

The podcast takes a turn when Dave shares his story about shallow water blackout while training in Hawaii. We talk about why it happened and the benefits to taking a free dive class. Thank you Dave for sharing your experiences with us all!


Check out his photography and Instagram at



Dave’s Dive Shop:

New England Freedive Spearfishing Co.

936C437C-B626-4954-B4ED-DAD78B81633A 3.J

Recorded 9/20/2020

EP018: Cody Drawdy, East Coast to West Coast
00:00 / 38:57
Episode #018: Cody Drawdy, East Coast to West Coast
In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with my good friend Cody Drawdy. Cody shares his story with us about how he got started in spearfishing on the East Coast of America where he had to deal with sharks and 2’ of visibility. We also talk about some of our spearfishing trips to Guam and Baja, and the things we learned in those places. Enjoy!

Recorded 8/20/2020

EP017: Nick Watkins from Spearchannel
00:00 / 38:57
Episode #017: Nick Watkins from Spearchannel

In this episode of Spearfactor, I chat with Nick Watkins from Spearchannel. Nick shares with us how his brand, Spearchannel, began, where he wants to take it, and how he plans to achieve success with it. He also shares with us some of his struggles as the brand develops and attempts to reach future goals. Additionally, we discuss his own beginnings in to spearfishing while growing up in south Florida. Nick shares with us his recent travels to Panama and Bahamas, and some of the shenanigans that occurred while on these trips hunting Yellowfin tuna. I hope you enjoy!

Contact Nick:


FB@Spearchannel Group

Longfins Picture.JPG


EP016: Allen Yangco & Brian Fern from Longfins Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #016: Allen Yangco & Brian Fern from Longfins

​In this episode, I speak with Brian Fern and Allen Yangco from Longfins Spearfishing. These two gentlemen truly define what the term giving back to the community means. Longfins originally started out as a online diving store that Allen started, but it failed. This failure didn’t discourage Allen from continuing on with the Longfins brand. He felt that the failure was a blessing in disguised. After seeing many of the divers in their area not diving safely as well as several diving related deaths including 4 of Allen’s friends, he and his friend, Brian Fern, decided to continue with Longfins by holding spearfishing seminars for the youth of Kauai. The goal was to share their over 50 years of knowledge and experience with the kids of Kauai to teach them how to ethically hunt and safely dive for fish. The seminar is free and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

During the show, the boys share numerous stories of bad and good dive buddies, sharks, recovering fish from caves, and ethnical fish hunting. Allen shares a story about when he was diving near a bay with monk seals when a huge tiger shark came at him. Allen did not see the shark but his buddy quickly intercepted it and saved Allen from an attack. Additionally, Brian shares a story about when the current picked up so bad on the reef that he and Allen had to shoot their shafts into the reef in order to avoid getting swept out to sea. 

This episode is full of tips to make you a better and safer diver. If you would be interested in attending the seminar or want to put a one yourself in your local area, feel free to contact the boys at @long_fins on IG.

Brian Fern

Allen Yangco @aloha_spear_it


Recorded 06/02/20

EP015: Captain Dan Walsh, Veteran Boat Captain & Diver
00:00 / 38:57

Episode #015: Captain Dan Walsh, 50 Year Veteran

In this episode, I speak with veteran diver and dive boat Skipper Dan Walsh. Since the 1970s,  Captain Dan has operated dive boats such as the Bottom Scratcher, and Spirit of Adventure for spearfishing’s elite pioneers. He was there filming when Terry Maas shot his record bluefin tuna at Guadalupe Island, which is one of the most popular moments in California’s spearfishing history.  He’s explored the Baja peninsula in its’ entirety a few times over and has dove remote stretches of the coast that I have dreamed about diving for years. But besides Baja, Captain Dan has traveled the world filming, freediving, scuba diving, and hunting places like Dangerous Reef, Australia and tiny islands in Micronesia. His presence at most of these places was requested in order to film for show like Shark Week on the Discovery channel and various other nature shows. 

One of the things that caught me off guard about Captain Walsh was how truly humble he was during the podcast. With almost 50 years of experience on and around dive boats, you would think that he would be more than justified to have a hint of an ego. Not the case, which is probably why he has been able to learn and share so much information with us.


Facebook: Buddy Walsh


Recorded 5/31/20

EP014: Paul Rodriguez Hot Rod Spearguns & Tuna Slayer
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 014:  Paul Rodriguez From Hot Rod Spearguns  

In this episode, I speak with Paul Rodriguez from Hot Rod Spearguns. While Paul is a sponsor for the show, he truly is one hell of a spearfisherman and speargun builder. During the show we spend a lot of time talking about the right speargun for the right conditions, and his new hybrid travel speargun. I am really excited to share Paul’s travel speargun with you all because I believe it will change the spearfishing community as a whole. The speargun itself breaks down smaller than a set of dive fins, making traveling with your equipment easier than ever. The shaft is a Mori 8mm shaft that breaks down as well. I have personally tested this speargun in Baja, and at home here in Southern California. I’ve even done some pool testing with it as well.  The motivation of this travel gun comes from all of Paul’s travels where the ability to pack light was a necessity. Additionally, we discuss how important it is to travel in order to become a better all round diver and hunter across all species of fish.

Lastly, Paul and I discuss spearfishing for big Dogtooth Tuna over 100 pounds. He shares some of his insane stories about determined fish ripping themselves in half in order to escape from his shaft. 

This episode was fun to make and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!



Instagram: @hotrodspearguns


Recorded 04/18/20

EP013: Carlos Suarez Cuban Diver & Game Developer
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 013: Carlos Suarez Cuban Spearo & Game Developer

In this episode I speak with Carlos Suarez. He is the creator of the Freedive Hunter Spearfishing game. He is also originally from Cuba where he learn to spearfish. We discuss his early days of diving in Cuba as well as the equipment and techniques they used there. Some of these techniques I have never heard of such as tying a rope to a diver then pulling them up once they reached half way up from ascending on dives over 100’ in order to save oxygen. Most importantly, Carlos shares with me his main reason for creating spearfishing video games which is due to his inability to dive due to a medical condition. His passion and love for fish, especially Trigger fish is all reflected in the game. Every aspect of the game has special meaning behind it and you can hear it in his voice with he speaks with me. It was great to speak with Carlos and I am really excited to share his story with you!



Website: (here there are links to buy the game on the App Store, Google Play and Xbox)

Facebook: Freediving Hunter or @SpearfishingGames

Instagram and Twitter: @Strongbox3d

YouTube: Freediving Hunter: Spearfishing the World

MKH youtube.jpeg

Recorded 04/18/20

EP012: Mark Healey World Class Diver & Big Wave Surfer
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 012: Ultimate Waterman Mark Healey

​Welcome to episode #12 of the SpearFactor podcast with special guest Mr. Mark Healey. Mark is a world class spearfisherman, and one of the top big wave surfers in the world. If you don’t believe me just google it! During the podcast, we discuss the surf and dive industries, conservation, why we spearfish, diving at Guadalupe Island with white sharks, and much more.


Mark is originally from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. On the North Shore is where his dad first introduced him to the ocean at a young age. His love for the ocean grew very organically as his life progressed as well as his abilities in the water. Surfing in the winter, and diving during the summer was his usually routine and it did not take long before Mark was well known for his abilities and confidence in the water. At the age of 17, he turned pro at surfing which would send him traveling, surfing, diving, and make connections with watermen throughout the world. His friends and traveling throughout the world would help his knowledge of the ocean grow, and along with that growth so would his love for the ocean and conserving it for the future. Mark is very involved in his local community where he supports the Na Kama Kai, Hawaii Jr. Lifeguards, and Sustainable Coastlines organizations to help better Hawaii as a whole.


Nonprofit organizations that Mark supports.




Mark now has his own company where he links clients up with unique experiences centered around the ocean activities throughout the world. In addition to this company, Mark also starting a YouTube channel called Strike Missions with Mark Healey coming out very soon.


The main thing that I feel is really special about Mark is that he centers his life around living a sustainably. He truly practices what he preaches, and shares those ideas with everyone.

Recorded 04/15/20
EP011: Chris Coates, South African Spearfishing Guide & Adventurer
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 011:  Chris Coates, Spearfishing Guide & Adventurer

On this episode of Spearfactor today’s guest is Spearfishing Guide and Adventurer Mr. Chris Coates.  Chris shares with us his experiences diving in South Africa and beyond. We talk extensively about spearguns, dogtooth tuna, flasher tips, gear, slip-tips vs. floppers, accuracy issues and how to fix them, as well as trophy hunting and conservation. This episode was tough due to connection issues from USA to South Africa, but after some creative thinking, I was able to record one of the most informative spearfishing episodes yet! 


Find Chris on: 


Youtube: @Coatesman’s Spearfishing

Instagram:  @coatesmans


Recorded 03/27/20

EP010: Chris Okamoto, Marine Biologist & Veteran Spearo
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 010:  Chris Okamoto, Marine Biologist & Veteran Spearo

On this episode of Spearfactor today’s guest is Chris Okamoto. He is a marine biologist who works at Cabrillo Marine aquarium in San Pedro and he’s also one of the founders of . The idea behind his form is to have a ethical and professional learning environment where veterans and beginners alike can share information. There’s a ton of information on Seabass, both Black and White, and crazy stories with great white sharks so I hope you enjoy!

Find Chris on Youtube and Instagram @oakpwr  


For more information on Cabrillo Marine Aquarium visit their Website at

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 8.21.42 PM.png

Recorded 03/08/20

EP009: Dr. Cyrus Torchinsky, Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists
00:00 / 38:57

Episode OO9:  Dr. Cyrus Torchinsky, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists 

In the episode of SpearFactor, I speak with ear, nose, and throat Doctor Cyrus Torchinsky. Dr. Torchinsky currently practices medicine and lives in San Diego, California.  He is originally from Santa Cruz, California and attended UC San Diego Medical School, then traveled to Boston, Mass. for his speciality training as an ENT doctor. Dr Torchinsky shares his knowledge about various topics including common issues that both surfers and divers battle with over the years. This episode has a ton of excellent information that will help a lot of us. It was an absolute pressure to have him on the show.

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 1.06.05 PM.png

Recorded 02/02/20

EP008: Robert John Kross and Dr. Michael Orr from OneDrop Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode OO8:  OneDrop Spearfishing's Robert John Kross and Dr. Michael Orr

In this episode, I speak with Robert John Kross and Dr. Michael Orr from Guam’s OneDrop Spearfishing team. I have had the pleasure of meeting and diving with these two amazing guys over the past couple of years while I was in Guam. I have learned a lot from these guys. We talk about keys things to consider when looking for new dive spots as well as how to approach those new spots when diving on them for the first time. Additionally, we talk about safety when diving deep, competitions, hunting big tuna, gear setups and some of their favorite products out there.  We discuss techniques and rolls each diver plays in order to have a successful hunt.This episode is funny and informative at the same time. 


Recorded 01/22/20

EP007: Daniel Mann YouTubes Famous Spearfisherman
00:00 / 38:57

Episode OO7: Spearfishing YouTube celebrity Daniel Mann

In this episode I speak with Daniel man who most of you know him from his YouTube channel where he post his videos of giant halibut as well as tips and techniques that are much appreciated in the Spearfishing community.  


We go over his reason for starting his YouTube channel as well as tips for people just beginning. We talk in great detail about his adventures in northern Europe and his dealings with fish people and the elements. This podcast is full of little nuggets of information that you are sure to appreciate.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 5.37.31 AM.png

Recorded 12/21/19

EP006: Brad Thompson Director OC Spearos/Vizi Bag Founder
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 006: OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson

In this episode of Spearfactor, I meet with OC Spearos Director Brad Thompson. Brad and I discuss why we think the OC Spearos has such a huge following in the spearfishing community. Their culture of welcoming divers of all experience levels has fostered a climate perfect for learning and growing your knowledge within the sport of spearfishing. He also shares his thoughts on conservation, both with hunting on land and spearfishing in the ocean. I asked him about the goals of the spearfishing club, and how they plan to achieve those goals. One of the goals including using the OC Spearos as a major lobbing group for developing effective conversation efforts in the state of California. Checkout what's going on with the club right here.   

On top of being a major influence in spearfishing right here in Southern California, he also started the company Vizi bags, which he turned over to his 14 year old daughter to run. What a cool dad! Vizi Bags are the first and only colored food saving bags. The colored bags make it easy to separate different types of meats and fish, as well as different cuts of meat and fish. Check out Vizi bags at

We close the podcast by talking about his favorite spearfishing trips. New flash, Baja is at the top of his list. Follow Spearfactor: check us out at for more! Instagram @the_spearfactor, Facebook Spearfactor Group, YouTube and Reddit. Until next time, I hope you land the fish of a lifetime.


Recorded 11/15/19

EP005: Nick Garcia from NitroGunCo Spearguns
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 005: Nick Garcia From Nitro Gun Co. Spearguns

In this episode of Spearfactor, I meet with Nick Garcia, the owner Nitro Gun Co, at his workshop in Carlsbad, California.  We began just like we always do, discussing Nick’s background going from his beginning days as a young surfer, to professional MMA fighter, all the way to becoming an avid diver and speargun manufacture. Like most of us, Nick’s journey has many different turns and along by taking those different turns Nick has learned a great deal about his mind and body. 


Nick’s first experience in the ocean was from his parents who both loved surfing. He and his brother, Gabe Garcia, spent most their time surfing, but when the waves were flat, and the water was warm they would turn to spearfishing to past the time. This routine last through high school until Nick decided to try his hand at MMA. Yes, Mix Martial Arts. Mr. “Nitro” himself had quite the career fighting and earning money in major organizations such as Bellitor. We discuss how learning about breathing for spearfishing actually helped him while he was fighting. Nick said that the book Breathology really changed his whole approach to looking at breathing while training both in and out of the gym. 


As his career came to an end due to injuries, he quickly redirected his passion to woodworking. With woodworking and spearfishing as two of his hobbies, making spearguns for himself and friends was inevitable. The more spearguns he made, the more passionate he began to feel about building them. He eventually teamed up with friend and Guardian Charters owner, Evan Wagley, to carry Nitro Gun Co spearguns on his boat in order to consistently test them out on all types of fish including large bluefin tuna. This relationship allowed Nick to fine tune his spearguns for a variety of fish. Over the years, some on the biggest bluefin, 300 plus pounds, in California have been landed using Nitro spearguns while on a Guardian Charter trip. Nick and Evan are some of the most experienced spearos targeting bluefin tuna. The Bomber series spearguns were developed from chasing down bluefin tuna, and Nick and I talk about techniques and tactics for getting close, shooting and landing them. 


Recorded 10/09/19

EP004: Robert Paine from Kimera Spearfishing
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 004: Robert Paine For Kimera Spearfishing 

In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with Robert Paine, the co-owner of the Kimera Spearfishing. He and his brother-in-law have invented the side slip system, a spearfishing tip that replaces the standard flopper giving you the benefits of a slip tip without the issues involved. I spoke to him about the process of starting a company and how the Kimera Sideslip system evolved into what it is currently today. We also discuss the future of the Kimera Sideslip system and where it is headed. Robert shares with me the plans for a Bluewater edition where everything within the system is "beefed up" for maximum strength. As we continue through the podcasts we talk about some modifications and challenges they came across in order to turn the great idea into a tangible product. Robert and I discuss some pros and cons to modern spearfishing equipment, and how the Kimera Sideslip helps to eliminate some of those issues. Checkout the Kimera Sideslip System at


The podcast begins discussing the recent spearfishing death of Ryan Huff. Ryan died this month while lobster diving. It is believed that he got entangled in his equipment while diving. We talk about some lessons learned over the years in hopes of preventing this from happening again. 


Recorded 10/27/19

EP003: Legendary Watermen Colin Smith
00:00 / 38:57

Episode 003: Legendary Waterman Colin Smith

In this episode of Spearfactor, I sit down with legendary waterman and family man, Colin Smith. Colin was a former professional surfer from San Diego with deep family roots in the ocean. He began spearfishing at the age of 22 when a knee injury sidelined his surfing career. He quickly turned a negative into a positive, and began developing his diving skills until he was both a world class diver and surfer. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Colin, and discuss his experiences both in and out of the water.


We discuss everything from his early days of professional surfing and how he got started spearfishing as well as having a mindset to give you an edge in life through he and his wife, Kerry, Awakening Trainings.  Checkout the training at


The podcast begins discussing the early years in 1990s, we he was just getting into spearfishing. We talk about diving throughout the West Coast including Baja and Southern California as well as spearfishing equipment and guns that we prefer. We also talk about why we spearfish and how the industry has changed over the years as well as the environment. During this time, we both have seen changes in our local spots, so we discuss possible causes and solutions to the problems. 


Colin shares some crazy stories from surfing and diving in Western Australia where he encounters lively wildlife including large Tiger Sharks. I asked him what was his thought process while he was jumping in on bait balls and dropping in on dry reefs in remote parts of Australia. This led us into discussing the power of the right mindset when doing difficult things. Not having the right mindset can cause you to hesitant in difficult situations which can lead to even worse situations. 


Colin and Kerry, now specialize in providing specific training called Awakening Trainings, focused on unlocking your true potential making you more productive, confident and happy in all aspects of your life.  


Recorded 9/10/19

EP002: Bas De Vos South African Spearo
00:00 / 00:00

Episode 002: South African Diver Bas De Vos 

Today on SpearFactor, I speak with South African Spearo Bas De Vos about his travels and experiences spearfishing around the world, and at home in South Africa. 

We discuss the Killer Whaler/Great White Shark situation in Cape Town, South Africa which has changed both spearfishing and the ecosystem. Appeartly, two Killer Whales named Port and Starboard are feeding on Great White Sharks, which is driving all these sharks out of the area. This has opened up diving spots to spear fishermen and seals alike. 

He also shares with me some amazing destinations for spearfishing in Latin America. Where? Just listen and find out!


Recorded 8/10/19

EP001: Who is Bret Whitman from Spearfactor
00:00 / 00:00

Episode 001: Who is Bret Whitman from Spearfactor

 This is my very 1st episode of the Spearfactor podcast. Jon from Cast and Spear interviewed me about my background in life and diving. Hope you enjoy!

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