Episode #052: Allen & Brian, The Kauai Boys are Back! 

In Welcome back to the show Allen Yangco and Brian Fern AKA Unkolearnuhow. This is a two part series with the boys from Kauai discussing everything from Mark Zuckerberg to spearguns. We chatted for over two hours so I decided to break the episode up into two parts. The first part discusses spearfishing culture and mindset as well as Bryan and Al‘s latest spearfishing adventure here in Southern California chasing Bluefin tuna.  We also discussed why the trip was so important And different ways for each of them.

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Episode #051: Tracy Wittmeier, World Record Bluefin

In this episode, I speak with San Diego diver, Tracy Wittmeier. Tracy is as passionate about diving as you could be. She also has the pending Women's World Record for Bluefin tuna, landing a 196 pound beast. Tracy and her dive partner Matt, a local charter boat captain, spend their time diving in San Diego and down in Baja shooting grouper. 

Recorded 8/28/22


Recorded 7/28/22

Episode #050: Ollie Craig from Primal Pursuit

In this episode, I speak with Ollie Craig from Primal Pursuit. Ollie lives in New Zealand but has had to unique opportunity to travel the world as super yacht deckhand. During his time as a deckhand, he was able to travel to some of the world’s most unique places including Saint Helena Island, Madagascar, and some other places that will not be mentioned. Additionally, Ollie’s YouTube channel is full of hunting and fishing adventures. 


Recorded 6/21/22

Episode #049: Kunpei Kosaka Bluewater Pole Spearing in Japan

In this episode, I speak with Kunpei Kosaka from Japan. Kunpei shares with us his equipment, techniques, and journey into the world of bluewater pole spearing. He currently has two world records for pole spearing. One for a over 100 pound dogtooth tuna, and a second for a massive coral trout. He is currently working a documentary film the quest for 100kg dogtooth. You can see the documentary IG page @mission100film Kunpei's IG page is @extreme_polespearing and has his full on insane pole spear catches.

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Recorded 6/12/22

Episode #048: Tim Hatler 2022 Bluewater World Cup

Today on Spearfactor, I speak with Tim Hatler from Palapas Ventana Spearfishing Resort in Baja. Tim also hosts the Bluewater World Cup which is occurring this year between July 10-14. We chat about what makes this event so special and get into the details of how it is run by the resort. Palapas Ventana also has several liveaboards trips to various destinations on both sides of Baja. Tim and I discuss the fishing potential at some of those destinations.

Recorded 5/12/22​​

Episode #047: Nick Anastasia Team Sea Monkeys

Todays guest is Nick Anastasia from the Big Island of Hawaii. I first noticed Nick through his Instagram @teamseamonkeys where he was landing beautiful fish and fighting off sharks. Then I meet him in person during the San Diego's Freedving Bluewater meet where he had managed to shoot a nice bluefin tuna with the Kinetic Spearfishing crew. As we chat, his love for spearfishing becomes obvious, and his desire to learn and share the stoke also becomes obvious as well. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did making it! Thanks again Nick!


Recorded 5/12/22​​

Episode #046: Peter Correale Spearfishing Guide

Today's Guest is Peter Correale. International spearfishing guide Peter Correale offers guided spearfishing trips in various locations such as Panama, Baja, Africa, etc. He has years of experience in these locations and his expertise is truly unmatched by most in the industry. In this episode, Peter shares with us stories of his travels and some of the amazing catches along the way.


Recorded 5/1/22

Episode #045: Jerry Guerra Neptonics Spearfishing

Jerry Guerra is today's guest on Spearfactor. He has been freediving and spearfishing since he was a young boy in Florida, he also is a owner of Neptonics Spearfishing and Freediving. Neptonics is the leading online spearfishing shop in the industry with quality gear and fair prices. Jerry talks with us about the gear they sale and why he prefers Neptonics gear over others. He also shares lots of stories about his own experiences diving and gives pointers and tips.

Recorded 4/1/22

Episode #044: Hugo Rodas From Ghost Spearfishing

This episode of the show features Mr. Hugo Rodas of ghost Spearfishing. Hugo has a unique story having left Mexico with nothing when he was a boy and moving to Hollywood, California. Hugo and I discuss mentorship in spearfishing for people trying to get into the sport. We also talk about choosing the right dive buddy and what that actual means.


Episode #043: Lenny Logsdail From Aquatic Apes

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Lenny Logsdail from Aquatic Apes. His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and when you watch a few of his videos you understand why. His ability to draw you in and tell a story is truly an art in itself. If you haven’t already you should get over and check out his channel and be prepared to be entertained.

Recorded 3/11/22

Episode #042:  Just Get Wet Boys, Chris & Nathan

And this episode of Spearfactor podcast, I speak with the boys from Just Get Wet freediving, Nathan and Chris. These guys run a freediving shop in San Diego that provides spearfishing and dive courses. They have built quite a community through their training and courses. They even have meet ups every Sunday at La Jolla Shores where are they provide a safe and effective place to train. If you’re interested and stepping up your diving...

Recorded 3/1/22
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Episode #041: Peter Yee, Designing Success

In In the this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Orange County, California diver Peter Yee. Peter story is unique in that his professional background is in design. He was the VP of design at Oakley and worked there for 25 years before retiring and starting his own design business, Peter Yee Designs, PYD. Peter uses his design background to...

Recorded 2/18/22


Episode #040: CJ Duffie Neritic Diving Owner & Guide

In this episode, I speak with Floridian diver and guide CJ Duffie. CJ is not only just a spear fisherman and guide but he’s all so the owner of Neritic spearfishing equipment. We talked extensively about Pole spears and the ins and outs of being in the spearfishing guide industry. Specifically, CJ and I talk about being freediving industry and guiding divers around the world.

Recorded 1/08/21

Episode #039:  Danny Bolton Animal Attitude

Today’s episode is with a diver from the Big Island of Hawaii, Danny Bolton. He’s an absolute beast as far as having that animal attitude and tapping into the primitive part of our brain. He’s lives for skating, hunting, building and racing trucks as well as spearfishing. He also has a clothing line called Under The Ficus which was named after a local hangout spot that was special to him and his friends.

Recorded 12/08/21
Recorded 11/28/21

Episode #038:  Charles Slattery of Good Time Charlie Charters

On this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Captain Charles Slattery of Good Time Charlie Charters. This episode we discussed the spearfishing and freediving industry as a whole. We specifically talk about how things in the industry could improve and need to get better. Everything from freediving training to spearfishing guides is covered.

Warning: There's a lot of swearing in this episode so be prepared.

Along the keel.JPG
Recorded 11/8/21

Episode #037: Zach Rollins Boat Salvage Captain

Our guest is a boat captain whose life is centered around the ocean. Zach Rollins makes his living on the water. He's lives and breath it! He also has a podcast called Along The Keel that shares brands who’s whole existence the center around the ocean and tells their story. Zach is from Rhode Island originally, and he’s got a ton of knowledge about the dos and don’ts of boating. Shares some ways to help prevent and minimize issues while on the water as well.

Recorded 10/8/21

Episode #036: Captain Matt, Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon

In this episode I speak with Captain Matt from the Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon. This unique episode contains huge amounts of knowledge for anyone looking to get into boating, especially as salt water bound sportsman. We discuss some of the pros and cons of different types of boats and some of the pitfalls to avoid when looking at getting your first boat. There is a ton of information within this podcast and I hope you guys find it really useful! 

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Recorded 9/8/21

Episode #035: Philip Maechler, Inventor of the Sens07 Vest

In this episode I speak with Swiss inventor Philip Maechler from Provitatec. We discussed the invention of the Sens07vest recovery device design to rescue blackout divers. The Sens07vest is a fully automatic and electronic emergency floating device designed to get freedivers and spearfishers back to the surface in case the diver is too long or too deep underwater - or if a shallow water blackout is detected. 


Recorded 7/2/21


Recorded 6/11/21

Recorded 5/11/21