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3 Remote Spots in Baja You Must Dive

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Baja California is a long and diverse peninsula with many remote areas for spearfishing. Here are some of the most remote spearfishing spots in Baja that you should make a point to visit this summer.

1. Isla Cedros is a remote and sparsely populated island, which means that its marine environment is relatively unspoiled. The island's rich waters and natural habitats provide a healthy ecosystem for fish populations, making it an excellent location for fishing.

Cedros Sportfishing guide Toro with his grouper

Here you can find yellowtail, grouper, calico bass, halibut, white sea bass and even wahoo during summer and fall. It is very remote. You can fly here from San Diego via private plane, or drive for a day and take a boat out to the island. The are a couple of operations out on the island that host divers and fishermen. The town is small on the island but the fishing operations are top notch. You can choose to fish around the island or head offshore to fish the high spots for pelagic fish. The island has a very unique local fishing culture and many of the island's residents make their living from fishing.

2. Bahia de Los Angeles (BOLA), located on the eastern coast of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, is a great place for fishing due to its biodiversity, location, and diving conditions. BOLA is home to various types of fish, such as yellowtail, dorado, roosterfish, grouper, and cabrilla. This diversity of marine life makes it an ideal location for divers. Because BOLA is located in a protected bay with various islands around it, calm waters and good diving conditions are not difficult to find somewhere near by. Additionally, it is located near the Midriff Islands, which are known for their excellent fishing spots especially for big yellowtail. In the summer time, the water and air temperatures are very warm. The water temperature can reach the low 80s while the air temperature can be in the 100s so bring extra water. Additionally, Bahia de Los Angeles has a well-developed fishing infrastructure, with numerous fishing charters, guides, and hotels available for visitors. This makes it easy for divers to access the many good fishing spots.

3. Isla Espiritu Santo is located in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz which makes the island accessible only by boat through local fishing guides. The area is protected by law and limits commercial fishing at the island. Because of the strict regulations and the fact that the only way to access the area is by boat, the marine life here is plentiful. The fish you will find here are yellowtail, snapper, tuna, dorado, and more. During winter months, the colder nutrient rich waters mix with the warmer water of the Sea of Cortez and provide perfect environment to hold an abundance of all kinds of sea life. Nearby in the town of La Paz, you will find many fishing operations offering full service resort style fishing packages at a fair price. This makes this trip both convenient and productive for a quick fishing trip.

These are just a few spots that offer a fishing experience of a lifetime. Please be respectful of local laws and regulations, but most importantly, respect the local people and their home.

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