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Bluefin Tuna: Recommended Gear

In order to consistently do shoot and land this fish, you need to have gear that's up to the challenge. Nick Garcia shares his recommended gear setups for landing these larger fish.

1. Get a tuna cannon from Nitro Gun Co. Seriously, if you are targeting large bluefin get either a bomber series or a 65” double roller from Nick.

2. Get the best dyneema line and bungee on the market, Dark Waters Dive Co bungee. No bullshit! Check out Dark Waters Dive Co at

3. Then get a big float 3 atmosphere float or two because you never know what could swim in front of you. Nick prefers the JBL floats to others. One smaller float 10' in front of a larger 3 atm float.

Heavy proven equipment is a must when shooting a triple digit fish.


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