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How to Care For Your Catch: Lobster

So now that you have grabbed yourself a nice lobster dinner, what should you do with your lobster in between catching it and eating it?

Keeping Your Lobster Alive

First, if you want to keep your lobster alive, I would recommend only keeping lobster alive outside of a tank for 24 hours. You can do this by storing them in a cool and wet place like in your refrigerator with wet paper towels or use a piece of kelp.

Cleaning And Preparing Your Lobster

Now, if you are planning on eating your lobster at a later time, you would want to freeze them. But before you freeze them or cook them, you need to correctly clean and prepare them. One way to achieve this is to cut the tail off by running a knife around where the tail and the body meet. Make sure you angle the knife towards the front of the lobster in order to get the majority of the meat out. The quickest and easiest way to detach the tail is to simply grab and twist the tail, separating it from the carapace. Be careful about where to do this because lobster blood is a real pain in the ass to get off of any surface especially after it dries. Once you have separated the tail, break off the antenna at about the middle point. Take the broken end and insert it up the lobster’s butthole which is located at the end of the tail on the underside. After you have inserted the antenna at least 3/4s of the way up the tail, pull the antenna back out. The anus with the lobster waste should come out with the antenna.

Your lobster is now cleaned and either ready to freeze or cook. If you want to freeze your lobster tail, you can fold it up and put them into a ziplock bag before placing into the freezer. One benefit to freezing the tails is that this makes separating the meat from the tail much easier after it is thawed.

Warning: Do not freeze the entire lobster. This can cause the tail meat to go bad as the body portion spoils.

Now go and enjoy your lobster dinner!

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