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How to Make Spearfishing Targets

Homemade Spearfishing Targets in 10 minutes!!!!

Target practice for spearfishing is a MUST!

One session in a pool can give you more insight about you and your equipment than an entire season spearfishing. If you find yourself missing shots or lacking confidence in your ability to hit a fish from a far distance, target practicing with your spearfishing equipment will help tremendously. Maybe you are shooting too low, maybe your shaft is bent, maybe your gun kicks so hard that your shots are way off or maybe you just want to know what your maxiumum effective range is with each type of speargun you own. Regardless of your reason for target practicing, you will have all the answers to your questions very quickly after only a few shots.

Materials Needed:

The Process

Step 1: Poke holes about 1" from the bottom across the foam board (#1).

Step 2: Take your PVC pipe (#2) and secure it to the bottom of the foam board (#1) using the rope or line (#3) by following the steps in the video above. KEEP THE ROPE TIGHT!

Step 3: Take additional rope or line (#3) and put it through the PVC pipe.

Step 4: Tie the two ends together of the rope or line in step 3 using a simple Overhand knot.

Step 5: Grab your weight belt to use as anchor, and you are all set to shoot.

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