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How to Make Your Own Floats for Spearfishing

While some floats don’t ride well behind a boat when you are racing after tuna, these close cell floats get it done. They cost about $50-$100 depending on the size you make (30#-90# positive). They will not compress at depth, pop or get holes, and will not submerge when being towed. The obvious downside is traveling with them, and they look ghetto AF. However, the smaller and medium size ones do fit in a Sportube. I started making these when I lost a big bluefin after it sounded with all my gear. Never again! So if I see a monster bluefin this year and manage to get a good shot on it, I won’t be worried about losing my gear. Not necessarily pretty to look at but they work increable. I shared the benefits of these floats with Jon from @castandspear below.

DIY Float Process Step By Step

Type 1: Recommended for larger fish: 2 Part Foam Poured Floats

Materials Needed (Depending on the size, making more than one float is possible with these items)