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New to Spearfishing: which fins should I get?

As a newbie to spearfishing, it can be challenging to pick the right set of freediving fins. I linked up with my friend, Jon Stenstrom, from Cast and Spear to go over my personal recommendations for freediving fins.

While carbon fiber fins are great to dive with, I recommend new divers start with plastic. Why? Well as new divers you lose equipment often and the chances of breaking or damaging carbon fiber fins is far more likely.

I suggest saving your money for gas money for you or your buddy’s boat. The experience you get by going out more with your extra cash is far more valuable than carbon fiber fins.

If you're looking your are ready to upgrade your fins but aren’t ready to commit to carbon fiber yet, fiberglass fins are a great option. They are a little more expensive than plastics, not as powerful as carbon fiber but they are durable and lightweight.

Let us know which type you end up getting in the comments below :)


Buy Freediving Fins at:

Fiberglass Fins

Carbon Fiber Fins

Riffe Floatline

Sportube for speargun travel

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