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1. Gain a social media following

This gives you value in the eyes of a business owner. It’s free advertising for a company to sponsor you if you have a big following. If you are able to reach thousands of people through social media, why would they pay thousands to advertise when they essentially give you free gear for half the value.

2. Post Content often.

Content, content, and more content. Post relevant content at least three times a week. People want to be entertained and if you are not posting regularly and they will either leave or will not follow you because of lack of interest.

3. When posting content, post interesting, and informative items.

There is a lot of information and videos out there about people shooting fish over and over again, what makes your social media page different? Make people care about what you are posting, and they will pay attention. Produce content that has interesting and unique stories.

4. Do not post irrelevant stuff on your page.

If your page is about spearfishing, followers don’t want to see your content about other things. I’d recommend having two pages, one for personal things and one for spearfishing.

5. Reach out to sponsors or people in the industry and ask.

Be brief, be specific, tell them what you can do for their company and why you love their products.

6. Get feedback.

If sponsors deny you, respectfully ask them what they are looking for or why they decided not to work with you. Remember it’s nothing personal it’s business.

7. Follow up.

Reach out to companies and let them know about what you have done since the last time you communicated with him. This does two things: keeps you on their radar for future opportunities, and lets companies know that you are taking things seriously and you are not just looking for handouts or free products.

8. Be active in your community.

Get out there meet people and talk to people. You’ll find out that spearfishing is a small community. It won’t take long before you start to meet people of influence. Join a club is a great way to start.

9. Break world records.

The easiest way to do this is to find world records that have not been submitted for or easily breakable for certain fish. Go and exclusively hunt those fish and submit it.

10. Go on spearfishing trips.

Going on trips produces content which companies can use in order to market their products. It also gives you the opportunity to produce different types of content. If you are shooting the same type and size of fish as everyone else, there’s nothing unique about it. Going on trips also lets companies know that you are serious about the spearfishing and getting sponsored.

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